Stinky the Garbage Truck

Do you remember Rocky the Robot dump truck from last Christmas?

Well now his friends all want in on the act!  Part of the new Matchbox range of Big Rig Buddies, Stinky the Garbage Truck is this years Rocky.

Rather than carrying stuff in his trailer like Rocky does, Stinky prefers eating cars before dumping them out of his back. Usually adding a wisecrack remark while he does so, like “Trashlicious!” or “Feed Me!”. He also makes lots of sound effects too like a burp or if your really unlucky a bottom burp.

Rocky’s big party piece was that he was a dancing dump truck, Stinky has an ace in his pack too – he sings! He loves the attention though, so he’ll make sure he gets everyone clapping and yelling before he shows off his singing skills.

Stinky has an impressive range of over 80 phrases and noises guaranteed to keep youngsters amused for hours. Built in sensors mean that Stinky knows when you speak to him or make a noise and he will reply with a Smart Alec remark or sound effect.

His sensors also detect movement, so he will know when Junior begins playing with him. He can also detect when a car is placed in his mouth or trash compactor, and will behave appropriately (usually a big loud burp!)

He even has a sensor on his belly, so when prompted you can give him a tickle.

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Stinky comes packaged in a really well designed box with some really nice artwork, which will look amazing when little one opens him up on Christmas morning.

Included in the box is the 4 C batteries which Stinky needs to operate, which is very handy and saves a very disappointed child on Christmas day.

He also comes with a 22 minute DVD which consists of 2 11 minute cartoons documenting Stinky’s arrival and acceptance by the other Big Rig Buddies Rocky, Smokey the Fire Truck and a boy called Felix.

Rocky the Robot Dump Truck

If you child is still a big fan of last years Rocky, he can still be bought if your lucky. He is however very sought after. You can read all about Rocky here, from my post last year.

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Real Talking Trucks

As well as their big boy counterparts, the Big Rig Buddies are also available in smaller more pocket friendly versions called Rocky the Robot and Friends. The Matchbox Real Talking Trucks are available in a choice of Rocky, Stinky, Lanky and Smokie.

Obviously not as interactive as the big boys, these little trucks still have lots of sounds and lights to delight the kiddies. It also means that you after your little one has watched the Big Rig buddies DVD you can collect all of the gang, as Lanky and Smokie are not yet available in bigger versions. Can you guess where Matchbox are going here? I guarantee you we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Big Rig buddies next year for sure!

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