Style Six

The new Style Six range of customizable clothing toys are just the thing for your budding little fashionista this Christmas.

Take any old boring plain white t-shirt or anything you want in fact, and transform it into a unique creative fashionable masterpiece  made to your own little girls exacting instructions.

Available in the Style Six range are the Silk Screener, Gem Decorator, Foil Applicator, attaching machine and Airbrush. Each product helps add another dimension to your creations, making unique designs easy and enjoyable to create and wear.

The Style Six Silk Screener is easy to use and guaranteed to produce a distinctive wearable piece every time.

Firstly you need to place the plastic separator inside your chosen garment and place the fabric into the clam shell screener. The separator is to prevent the paint bleeding through to the other side.

Next choose your favourite of the six different design stencil sheets, 3 large and 3 smaller ones. You then need to clip the stencil on top of the fabric via the easy clips on the sides. There is a choice of 4 colours of fabric paint, either Yellow, blue, red or purple. Lastly roller the paint over your fabric and leave to dry for about 30 minutes.

Once your design is fully dried, you can either add another stencil on top for a cool layered effect or add some other embellishments with the other Style Six products.

Sorry - no matching products found.

With the Gem decorator sparkle press you get lots and lots of lovely jewelled rhinestones and studs to add to your creation. You also get a stencil sheet to help if you get stuck for ideas of what to do.

Using Blopens markers in conjunction with the Style Six Airbrush kit you can create amazing cool stenciled effects or simple tie dye patterns on your clothes. You get four Blopens markers included in the kit, pop them into the motorized airbrush machine and you can spray away to your hearts content making a work of art you can wear as you go.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Sorry - no matching products found.

The foil Applicator is lets you stamp or foil designs directly onto your chosen fabric. Whether you choose to customise your t-shirts, bags, scarfs or even jeans they will all look stylish and unique to you.

I think my favourite piece of Style six kit though is the Felting machine. I love the range of felt designs that come with the set. You get pieces of felt pre cut in the shape of Skulls, Hearts, Flowers, Swirls, Stars and Butterfly’s. It also comes with some large felt squares so you can cut out some of your own shapes. Without using heat or glue, the felting machine attaches the felt to your garment.

All in all I think the Style Six range is just what every eight year old wants, and also something that their parents would be happy for them to use.

Creating their own sence of style is important to a young girl and if this product works as well as the advertising makes it look it’ll be a big hit.

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