Super Pokemon Rumble 3DS – Review

Were onto day 3 of Pokemon week already? Sure are! Today it’s all about the latest Pokemon game – Super Pokemon Rumble on the 3DS. Plus a look forward to some new Pokemon games on the horizon too.

Christmas this year for both my boys was all about the new Nintendo 3DS. They both wanted one, and seen as they had both managed to use their old DS’s to near death they had one. So the main Christmas present wasn’t a problem this year, I knew exactly what to get them both. The only conundrum was what games to get?

Me and Hubby decided to get them 2 games each, and then they could share when they finished them. Jacob is the Mario geek of the house so his choices were pretty simple – Super Mario land 3D and Mario Kart 7.

Thomas’ choices were a bit more tricky, that was until we heard about Super Pokemon Rumble 3DS of course. As soon as we found out about this game I just knew Father Christmas had to put it under the Christmas Tree for him.

He has played and replayed Pokemon Rumble on the Wii  too many times to remember, In fact I think it was the first game ever he finished completely. So we knew he would go mad when he saw it, and we were not wrong! It’s February now and it still gets played with just as much as it did on Christmas day. Even though he’s completed it, he needs to capture every single Pokemon in his Pokedex.

Super Pokemon Rumble or Super Pokemon Rumble Blast if your from the USA is essentially the same game as Pokemon Rumble on the Wii, but updated to include all of the new Black and White series Pokemon. The music is the same, the fighting is the same, it’s very nearly the same game. Which for most kids is not going to be a problem, as it means if you love Pokemon Rumble your going to love this just that little bit more (just because now you get new Pokemon).

It’s a fairly simple game not perhaps one for older games unless they simply must have all Pokemon titles. For kids however I think this is a great way to get into Pokemon games.

Thomas would love to play Pokemon Black or White, but at the moment the amount of text involved would just prove to hard for him. With Super Pokemon Rumble there is only a limited amount of text, and most of what’s being said he can guess as he does know what most of the Pokemon names look like. The in-game Pokedex helpfully shows a picture of the Pokemon as well as the name, so you don’t even have to read out which Pokemon you’re looking for like you did in Rumble on the Wii.

The gameplay looks to me while watching him play to be a bit repetitive. Most of the time your either moving from place to place or fighting another Pokemon by pressing the A button a lot. For him however the game is perfect, no complex rules, no long combos, he knows what to do and just has to keep doing it.

It does involve a bit of strategy though, knowing which type of Pokemon is best to play at the time. Also you have to drop your weaker Pokemon along the way as you collect more and more, so choosing which ones to leave behind is enhancing his maths skills quite a bit. He is always coming to me with beaming with “I just got a 1200 Pokemon, so that’s 130 more than my last best one” or something similar.

Super Pokemon Rumble is not going to blow you away with amazing graphics or amazing gameplay (I’m not actually sure how good the 3D aspect is because he always plays with it off) but for kids who love the cartoon series and are looking for a gateway into the world of Pokemon Video games, Super Pokemon Rumble is just the thing they need.


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PokePark 2

PokePark 2 is a Wii game and another spinoff from the main franchise that younger gamers will enjoy before working their way up to the proper Pokemon games like Black and White on the DS. It’s a sequel to 2010’s First Pokepark game.

We didn’t get around to owning the original Pokepark as at that time Thomas was already well into his downloaded Pokemon Rumble and thought the game looked a bit babyish. After seeing the trailer for Pokepark 2 though, I think he’s changed his mind and decided he’s rather looking forward to it after all.

Due to be released on the 23rd March 2012, Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond sees you playing as one of 4 Pokemon, either Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy or Tepig. Your mission is to travel through Pokepark befriending Pokemon and trying to save the missing Pokemon as you go. You befriend Pokemon by playing mini games with them like Chase, Hide and Seek or even mini battles.


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