Sweet Dreams Rosie and Raggles – Review

After confessing my love for the lovely everything’s Rosie last week, I was thrilled when we received a Sweet Dreams Rosie and Raggles from Vivid Imaginations to review.

I really do love Everything’s Rosie, and think it’s so nice as a show. It’s the total antithesis to everything else I usually watch on TV with my boys like Pokemon, Spider Man, Gormiti, Yu-Gi-Oh (anything with some sort of fighting involved). Everything’s Rosie is one of the few things we all enjoy watching together, and even if the kids have run off somewhere I’ll still tune into Cbeebies and watch it to see what Rosie, Raggles, Oakley and the gang are getting up to on my own.

Sweet Dreams Rosie comes ready for bed, dressed up in her famous pink pyjamas just like in the show. I was very impressed how true to the cartoon she is.┬áRaggles however doesn’t come with his Hawaiian shirt type thing he wears to bed on the series,presumably because it would cover up his glow in the dark zip. He is though still very very cute….and my favourite.

When you press Rosie’s tummy she sings a little lullaby to send you off to sleep, and her cheeks light up softly. The lullaby is very sweet, and afterwards she will say different phrases like “sweet dreams raggles” and “I’m so sleepy”.

At first I wasn’t sure that the singing feature was working on my model, but after some investigation I think I’ve worked out what I was doing wrong. To make Rosie sing the lullaby requires a very quick push on the tummy, however to hear her talking you need to hold the button down for a while.

This is a really well thought out feature which means hopefully that the sounds shouldn’t be activated accidentally by little ones in the middle of the night. I especially appreciate this feature as I know how it feels to be woken up at 3am by a teddy which plays the Star Wars theme tune!

Rosie and Raggles aren’t connected in any way, so in theory if you have two little girl’s they could both take either Rosie or Raggles to bed and swap over each night to save arguments.

Sweet Dreams Rosie and Raggles is obviously a perfect gift for any Everything’s Rosie Fan, but is also just as likely to be welcomed with open arms by any little girl Rosie fan or not (if she’s not yet, she will be then!)

For more Everything’s Rosie fun, you can check out her website at http://www.everythingsrosie.com/. There you can play games, watch clips, print out activity pages, and also have a look at all the other Everything’s Rosie Merchandise out in the shops.

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