Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel

I saw an advert today for the Sylvanian Families and all the memories came flooding back. Me sitting in my room re-enacting the Rabbit family having afternoon tea with the vicar and his wife, whilst the children jumped around on their bunk beds upstairs (I was an only child!)

Sylvanian families was one of my collecting passions when I was younger, I only wish my mother hadn’t given them all away when I moved out. I was gutted!

I had the house that you can see in this video, small but perfectly formed.

My favourite part was the charming green furniture, especially the bed’s which could either be two singles or clipped together to make bunk beds. I also vividly remember the tiny floral mattress and duvet set.

Back in the 80’s, Sylvanian families were a force to be reckoned with. They even won Toy of the Year 3 years running, and that’s impressive. Even though I’ve no idea why they went away, it’s no surprise that there now back with a vengeance.

So full of Sylvanian family nostalgia I went along to my local toy store to see the Grand Hotel in person, and it is just stunning.

There is not a girl in the world who does not want a dolls house like this. With an incredible 9 rooms and a roof terrace, there’s no chance of running out of space.

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This is certainly one luxury hotel guaranteed to give your Sylvanian friends the holiday of a lifetime, with it’s fine dining rooms, grand ballroom and superior bedrooms.

And the included accessories are just exquisite, from the wonderful Topiary trees,room keys and suitcases. To the amazing working chandelier. Also included are a friendly waiter and chef, ready to attend to all your guests needs.

This set doesn’t come with any furniture, although that just means you get the fun or furnishing it yourself.

So this does make this set a pricey proposition, however I think if you have a die hard Sylavanian families fan they will really appreciate this toy.

The various sets of furniture that can be purchased separately are equally wonderful, and have some suitably special touches of accessories too.

The seminal set and undoubtedly the centrepiece of the hotel has to be the Ballroom set, with it’s two hotel entertainers Grace & Kelly on the microphone and Grand Piano.

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Another must on the furniture front is the luxury Four Poster Bed, what stay in a posh hotel would be complete without the Four Poster Bed.

The Dinner party set is also worth having, as it has the big long dining table and four tall chairs. Perfect for all of those fine dining occasions.

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I think a fitting accompaniment to this set would the delightful Wedding day set. Have Hugo & Hermione Honeydew celebrate their special day and then move to the Grand Hotel for the luxurious honeymoon.

The Grand hotel is big investment as a toy, but that’s just what it is an investment. An investment in time and enjoyment, your children will be playing happily with this set for years to come.

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