Looking for a quick and easy game to pack when going out on family outings? Why not try the new range of Tailball games.

From the makers of everyone’s favourite garden game Swingball come this new set of racket games, perfect for days out with the kids, summer barbecue nights in the backyard, and you can even bring the game indoors if rain calls off your garden game.

There are Five different variations on the game available Tailball Extreme, Tailball Flyer, Tailball Back Pack Attack, Tailball Light and Tailball Rocket Zoomer.

I very kindly got sent the Tailball Light to review, and it was a big hit with the kids (and big kids) of the family.

With this set you get two lightweight bats and a plastic tube that holds the tailball for travelling and so it doesn’t get lost.

My boys are 4 and 2 and both could easily handle the bat, it’s very light and easy to use. Obviously with them being so small accuracy of hitting the ball was the biggest problem, but after a while Thomas was getting it and having a good go.

The ball has streamer’s coming off the back of it hence the tailball name, which catch the wind and make it fly through the air really fast.It’s different to your normal game of tennis, because if the wind catches it the ball can fly off in another direction.

With the kids we just used the Tailball in our conservatory which is quite long, just so they could get a feel of it and get used to swinging the bat. We took it round to my grandparents house on a Saturday afternoon for the whole family to have a game and it was a real laugh.

The adult men  got competitive with it really quickly (as they do!) and the kids tired themselves out just running the length of the garden back and for chasing after the Tailball.

We all agreed that a net would have been good, so I may look into getting the Back Pack Attack set as that has a net included in the Back Pack.

I like the Tailball Light though because you have the option to use it inside and out, which is great considering our awkward British weather.

The box says from age 3 plus, and even though Jacob and Thomas can swing the rackets I don’t think they’re quite old enough yet to have a proper game. Although they still had fun with them.

5-6 is probably more of a realistic age to start getting your kids to play a proper game, but hey at least the adults can enjoy it until then.

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