Talking Canimals Toys – Review

With my boys both being relatively grown up now, I don’t get around to watching the Cbeebies or MiniCitv shows anymore. However when I was offered one of the Talking Canimals to review from Vivid’s range based on the new Ardman Pre-school show I simply couldn’t resist.

After one viewing simply for review purposes, I’ve actually taken to having my lunch at 12:00 so I can catch the Canimals on Citv while I eat. I’m genuinely concerned by this, but can’t help myself as the Canimals is my kind of show.

I’ve always been a bit of a Geek, and love all things japanese, the general style and sense of humor. So immediately I could tell that the Canimals had that unique style, and were if not from that area, had been influenced by it. Through research I found out that the Canimals are actually from South Korea originally, so I was right.

Although not anime, The Canimals have captured the quirkiness, with their super cute faces and the weird sound effects. It’s definitely an interesting show, but in a good way.

You can find the Canimals on Citv at 12:05 and 3:40 weekdays.

The Characters from the show are all animals in cans, who you see falling out of a vending machine in the opening credits. It’s such a neat premise for a show. Each Canimal has a distinct personality, which comes across very clearly even though they do not speak.

Nia – ‘The Cute Scaredy Cat’

Pow – ‘The Wise Observer’

Uly – ‘99% Hunger 1% Brain’

Ato – ‘The Happy Dogsbody’

Toki – ‘A hyperactive bundle of bouncing energy’

Mimi – ‘A pink loving Dog with a princess complex’

Oz – ‘Theres always one, and it’s always Oz’

Fizzy – ‘solitary, Stealthy, and sneaky’

Leon – ‘Slow to move, but quick on the uptake’

I was lucky enough to be asked by Vivid to choose which Canimal I thought was most like my boys, and to test out one of their new Talking Canimals toys.  After watching a few episodes it was an easy task to identify my sons in the Canimal Cast. Jacob just has to be Ato, gentle natured and with a simple outlook – that’s Jacob all over. Also in terms of actual looks, I think Ato’s super cute face with his hound dog eyes is just like my little boy.

Thomas is much more of a Leon type, not facially this time thankfully, but personality wise. Leon’s Bio says ‘Leon likes to win and will use all the talents in his can’, and Thomas is exactly the same. If there ever is a competition with a certificate, badge or medal Thomas just has to be involved, and will do whatever he can to win.

There are 4 Talking Canimals Toys to choose from Mimi, Ato, Oz and Uly. The talking Ato looks  just like his tv counterpart. He’s very soft, but not the cuddliest of plush’s due to him being more rigid than a regular plush toy (well he has to look more can like, doesn’t he). His head is a sturdier foam, whilst his mid section is still nice and cuddly and perfect for hugs. He has a good pair of stable feet on him, so stands up really well. I think I’m going to keep him on my desk, so he can keep me company whilst I’m blogging :)

His ears are filled with beads, so they flop down to the sides. When you press the button in his right ear he will woof at you, 6 woofs in all.


Alongside the Talking Canimals, Vivid also has an assortment of Canimals plush keyrings, and small squeaky Canimals in their Canimals Toy range.

I love the Leon figure in the Squeaky Canimals Triple Pack. Leon is a very cool chameleon.

I’ve really taken to the Canimals, they’re kookiness absolutely appeals to me so much. I can’t wait to see more from them.

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