Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Trash Pack Top Trumps – Review

After the success of the Turtles Connect 4 game from back in August. Were back reviewing some more great games from Winning Moves UK – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Trash Pack Top Trumps cards.

These have been real life savers this summer holidays. Top Trumps is just one of those games that everyone instantly gets, and everyone enjoys.

I’ve been busy playing Top Trumps for years – ever since I was little, and I still haven’t found a pack I don’t like. In fact the joy of Top Trumps is the variety of the packs, and the facts and figures you can learn as you play.

Whilst browsing the Top Trumps Shop in preparation for this review, I was amazed to see there is even a Nerf Top Trumps. Why I didn’t know that or own them is an error, which I will soon be correcting.

I don’t actually like Doctor Who (there I said it!) but Thomas is a massive fan. Top Trumps helped me learn about the show and it’s characters without the agony of having to sit and actually watch it. So now I can understand what exactly Thomas is on about when he’s waffling on about it, and blag my way into being a cool mum.

Top Trumps have come to the rescue again in that respect with the Trash Pack deck. Jacob is Toybuzz’s resident Trash Pack fan, me and Thomas are not really that interested. However playing Trash Pack Top Trumps means that now we all know all the gross names, and how smelly and Germy they all are.

I especially like the way that the back all the Trash Pack Top Trump cards have a tick box for if you own or want the Trashie on the card. It’s a great way of keeping your collection up to date.

The Teenage Mutant Turtles set lets you compare Ninja Skills, Leadership, Intelligence, Strength and everyone’s Hero Rating. Plus each card has tons of useful information about each character. Did you know that Raphael has a pet turtle called Spike? Well now you do.

The turtles were one of my cartoon heroes growing up, so I thought that I would recognise all the characters on the cards. How wrong I was. Vic? Xever? Kirby? I was totally lost. Whether I’ve simply forgotten these characters Im not sure, but I suspect they are new additions in the rebooted Nickelodeon version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thankfully the Top Trumps cards now have me totally filled in, so I can happily watch and recognise everyone.

We’ve had great fun checking out these two new Top Trumps sets, and I’m sure with Christmas coming up Santa will be adding a few more to the boys stockings.

Thanks to Winning Moves UK for sending us the Top Trumps to review.







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