Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Connect 4 – Review

The Games Company Winning Moves UK have some great official licensed versions of popular games out now and coming soon. Like Skylanders Monopoly, One Direction Top Trumps and Monopoly Junior Planes.

This past fortnight we’ve been testing out some of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed games – Top Trumps and Connect 4

Today is all about the Connect Four.

Being Turtle-fied the grid is now green, which I really like. The counters are now not just Blue vs Yellow – but Leonardo vs Shredder.

The initial setup did take about 20 minutes as the counters come plain and you need to add the Shredder and Leonardo stickers yourself. This didn’t bother us as we all joined in and had some sticker fun before we even got to Connect Four, but just to let you know that first game will take longer than expected.

Aside from the colour and the counters the game is mostly the same game we all know and love, and probably played for hours growing up.

The game has a curved stand rather than the two-pronged legs version I used to play with. This makes the game board much more stable, and also holds the game counter so you can keep track of the score.

The one major difference is the addition of the Sewer Lid Blocker used for playing Sewer Style.

To play Sewer Style each player gets one Sewer Lid Blocker. You use your blocker by pushing it into one of the holes, therefore obstructing your fellow player from placing their counters in that space. However if your fellow player can manage to continue the game and get the counters to the top of the row then they can then remove the Sewer Lid Blocker, thus setting the counters free to fall and possibly winning the game.

Using the Sewer Lid Blockers are totally optional, it’s a nice extra but for younger players you don’t have to bother if you’d rather not.  In fact as a family we choose not to play with the blockers every time, it just jazz’s things up when you fancy it.

I think that Winning Moves have done a good job at giving Connect Four a Turtles makeover, and to be honest there’s not much more they could have done without messing around with the simplicity of Connect Four too much.

Although I think all children love Connect Four as it is, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans will get a real kick out of playing as one of their heroes and giving Shredder what for. A fun twist on a classic game, and still great fun!

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