Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monopoly – Review

It’s TMNT time again, and today the turtles are turning into property magnets in Teenage Mutant Turtles Monopoly

Previously we had brilliant fun with the other Turtles games from Winning Moves we reviewed – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Connect 4 and Top Trumps, so we had high hopes for the TMNT Monopoly.

Game Pieces

First impressions are really good. We all were very impressed with the gorgeous games pieces modelled on the four turtles – Mikey, Donnie, Raph, and Leo, Plus Splinter and Shredder.

They have a lovely weight, so don’t fall over whilst your playing.

The only slight downside we noticed from playing is that the turtles can be hard to distinguish between, and sometimes one of us moved the wrong piece.

Board Spaces 

The best part of getting a new Monopoly version is seeing what the makers have done with the names on the board.  If your thinking that being a turtles board game every stop is going to a Pizza shop then your mistaken, One is actually Noodles. No honestly, there’s a great mix of destinations like Shredder’s Hideout, Krang’s Warehouse and Splinters Dojo just to name three.

Now I’ll admit were not the biggest Turtles fanboys and don’t confess to know everything about them, but we do watch the cartoons and knew the majority of places named on the board. I think the only couple on the board which we stumped us were Byerly Building, T.C.R.I Building and the Argosy Theatre.

Speaking of pizza though don’t fret, every game will have its fair share of pizza time for fans to enjoy. We found it funny that instead of the super tax a few spaces after go, it’s Pizza Tax!  Theres also a fair deal of pizza related occurrences in the Turtle Power and Mutagen Cards which replace the usual Community chest and chance. Things like ‘Pizza Bill pay 50′ or ‘Pizza delivery is late receive 100′.

The most coveted spaces on the board were where the train stations are usually found. These are now home to the turtles four modes of transport – The Patrol Buggy, The Shellraiser, The Stealth Cycle and a Skateboard. Everyone wanted to own these, but Jacob was the lucky one who managed to negotiate his way to getting the whole set.


We had a shell-tastic time playing this turtles themed Monopoly together, so much so that the kids want to play it again tonight! If you’re a TMNT fan or even just a lover of Monopoly varieties you’ll be onto a winner with this game.


Thanks to Winning Moves for sending us a copy of Teenage Mutant Monopoly for review



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