That’s so gross – Win a lesson from author Mitch Symons

We were sent some rather revolting book through the post today , extremley funny and very informative but revolting all the same. These were the That’s So Gross! range of books by two time Blue Peter best book with facts award winner Mitchell Symons.

We were sent 4 horribly entertaining books filled with tons of disgusting facts about the Human Body, Animals, History and Thomas’ personal favourite Creepy Crawlies. These books are the perfect blend of gross facts and interesting trivia, making you laugh and probably gag a little as you learn.

Each of the books comes with 4 Gross fact filled collecting cards, A bit like Top Trumps but instead of categories like fastest speed or engine capacity we have stink rate, ugliness and handiness in a fight. As you can imagine, this game has been a big hit!

With all of Mitch’s amazing gross knowledge I bet he would make a really cool and funny teacher, well if you think so to you’ll be happy to find out that for one lesson only you could have Mitchell Symons as your teacher! Enter the competition on his website before 01 June 2011 and Mitch could be coming to your school.

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