The Amazing Spider-Man Dual Web Blaster – Review

As most parents of boys will attest, the Spider Man phase is a rite of passage for a little one. I don’t think I’ve met a parent of a young boy yet who says their son hasn’t had or isn’t in a Spider-Man love fest.

My youngest is in his Spider-Man phase at the moment, and luckily for him his brother has grown out of him a bit, so he has lots of passed down toys and figures to enjoy. Even so he was over the moon last week when we were sent the new Amazing Spider-Man Dual Web BlasterĀ by The Entertainer toy store to review, anything new and Spider-Man gets a double thumbs up from Jacob.

Firstly I’ll be honest The Amazing spider-Man Dual Web Blaster was a bit of a mixed bag. If Jacob could type and write his own review, it would be totally different to mine. Me as a parent, and him as the fun Spider-Man loving kid has totally different reactions to this toy.

First impressions were good. There is no setup so to speak, you just put on the Spidey glove, clip the pieces to the armpiece and your ready to go. Literally takes 5 minutes from out of the box to web slinging.

As you can figure out from the name, this blaster has two different ways of shooting webs – Either Spidey Shot Web Fluid or Plain ol’ Water. Initially I thought this was a brilliant idea, save Jacob’s crying when he’s out of the Spidey web stuff as you can just go and use water instead. So before giving the web blaster to Jacob, I decided to check out the Web blaster for myself, with the Web Fluid solution.

This is when I started getting a bit disenchanted with this product. The Web Fluid is a bright blue spray, which squirts out reminiscent of silly string but drys sticky and spongy when it’s landed and set. I took the blaster out the garden and had a little go, ended up spraying all of my ornamental stones blue, and now I can’t get them clean. It’s definitely not something I would want the kids spraying each other with so I just hid the web fluid away and told him it was just a water pistol.

Thankfully this part of the toy I do really like, and Jacob absolutely adores this toy, he hasn’t stopped playing with it for days. Outside of course! He’s been outside all wrapped up in a coat and wellies, shooting his water blaster around happy as larry.

The web blaster works by turning your wrist over like Spider-Man does and pulling a little lever to squirt the water out. Jacob really did feel like he was Spider-Man spinning webs when wearing it. We did find that the water does tend to drip on the glove a bit, so the gloved hand will get wet. It wasn’t a big deal though, Jacob hasn’t complained about it.

So all in all it is a bit of a mixed review. As a parent I’m not overly pleased that we could only use the Dual Web Blaster one way, and if you had an older child they would probably question not using the web fluid and get upset over it. On the other hand Jacob has had such fun using the Web Blaster with just water. I can see him using it over and over again, and he will be in his element when we get some nice weather again.

Thanks again to Entertainer Toys for letting us review the product.


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