The Land of Me – Review

The Land of me is a computer game for children from 2-6, which you can either download and play straight away or order a CD-Rom version.

I was lucky enough to be asked if me and the boys would like to review the game, and so we downloaded all 6 of the chapters and set off to have an adventure.

The Land of Me is a wonderfully charming game in which you meet Buddy Boo, Eric and Willow, Three good friends who live and adventure around the Land of Me every day.

In the game which has been designed by early learning experts as well as teachers and parents, children will love watching as they decide the action the happens on screen. You get to choose who’s going to have the adventure, what happens, choose their emotions, environments, even the weather.

The game is very easy to navigate, it’s just simple point and click all the way. Thomas and Jacob both take it in turns to have a go, and both have no problems controlling the game.

Thomas and Jacob have both really enjoyed our time playing in The Land of Me, we usually play just before bedtime. We all cuddle up on the sofa and have a bedtime story adventure with Buddy Boo and his friends. There’s some beautiful music all the way throughout the game, and it combined with the lush visuals and wonderful stories it seems to be the perfect end to the day for my sleepy little ones and always sends them off to bed in a good mood.

One of the best things about The Land of Me is that once the computer is put away, the fun doesn’t end. There are over 100 printable activities games and puzzles that you find as you work your way through the games chapters. There are masks, finger puppets, dots to dots and loads more waiting to be printed out.

There is also due to be some Land of Me toys coming out in future, I really can’t wait for that. I’m not sure who i’d most rather as a big soft toy though Buddy Boo or Eric.

The full game is £29.95 or you can download the individual chapters for £6.95 each, however You can download the first chapter of The Land of Me for free from and it’s well worth a try.

The Land of Me is a really magical experience for you and your young children to enjoy together, not only will improve their computer and reading skills it will also fire their imagination and maybe like mine send them off to a restful sleep.

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