Tidlo High Tea Matching Set from John Crane – Review

Our next toy package sent from John Crane for us to review as part of the Craniacs program was the Tidlo High Tea Matching Set.

This being a very girly girly toy and me having two very boisterous boys I didn’t foresee this review going terribly well. I think however I underestimated the draw of this amazingly gorgeous looking wooden cake stand, because as soon as they saw the box they were both squabbling over who would get to play with it first.

The set comes flat packed in the box, and you simple screw the middle section in place with the supplied allen key. It took me little less than a minute, and then we were ready for tea time.

Jacob is 3 1/2 and has just finished his first term in nursery, so the main number matching aspect of this toy is great for him. He’s had a lot of fun trying to fit the correct cakes into the cake stand, usually when his big brothers not around though as he tends to get involved and take over very quickly.

The boys haven’t used it for anything else other than the matching game, but I can imagine that a little girl would get so much more from this toy. I can envisage stunning tea parties with these delightful cakes, and maybe a pretend patisserie ¬†or cafe with these delectable delights on offer.

A gorgeous gift that although obviously more suited for a girl doesn’t mean that little brother won’t be fascinated with it too.

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