Tidy your toys in a zip

If your toddlers are anything like my two boys, cleaning up their toys is easier said than done.With all the cars, dolls and figures that children accumulate, some serious storage is needed.

I found these toy boxes online, whilst looking for new toy storage ready for a good spring clean. They are called ZipBin’s and are a really smart solution to the problem.

Each ZipBin is themed and has four zips which you use to open up the chest and lie it down flat. When play has finished just zip close the sides with the toys inside and then pop on the lid. There are also storage pockets inside the box for small toys like cars or doll accessories. Each ZipBin comes with 2 small themed toys included.

These toys are also perfect for travel, easy to transport just unzip the sides, take the toys out of the pockets and your good to go.

Also available are ZipBin Playpacks, which are backpack versions of the toy. Just by unzipping your backpack your always ready for play.

The designers have really thought of some great versions appealing to both boys and girls. From Prehistoric Dinoland’s and Car racing tracks to Doll’s house mansions and Unicorns, there’s something for everyone.

ZipBins are Wipe clean, stackable and also fold flat when not in use.

As an Easter holiday idea, why not get your kid’s cleaning up their room with these new ZipBin’s. It’ll keep them busy for a few hours                                                                                         if nothing else!

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