Timmy Time

Well it seems to change every week doesn’t it, but Jacob’s flavour of the month at the moment seems to be Timmy Time.

It may have something to do with us seeing the branded toys whilst out shopping last week. He may only be 26 months, but he certainly knows what he wants and how to get it. I think he’s hatched a plan to watch intently every episode of Timmy Time with a beaming smile, waiting until I break down and just buy him the talking Timmy and Yabba plush’s he seen. Well I told him he has to wait until the end of the month at least, so we’ll see if the fascination lasts until then.

Timmy time is the spin off show from the highly successful Ardman Animation series ‘Shaun the Sheep’. I always enjoyed watching Shaun the sheep with Thomas, it was sooo funny…even for the adults.Timmy Time however is less enjoyable for adults, but fascinates pre-schoolers no end. I have to admit I don’t exactly mind watching it with Jacob, it’s just not laugh out loud funny like Shaun was.

In Timmy Time the story is based around Timmy, the young baby sheep with a dummy who often stole the show from Shaun. In his own show he’s grown up a bit, and the action centres around Timmy’s mishaps and adventures in nursery school. Made for preschoolers it shows Timmy as a typical toddler having to learn the lessons of how to play nicely with his new friends, share and sometimes not get his own way.

There’s a whole host of other kiddie animals in the nursery like Mittens the cat, Otus the owl and Yabba the duck. Harriet Heron and Osbourne Owl are the teachers of the nursery, it’s their unenviable job to keep the little animals out of trouble.

The main focus of the schoolhouse is the cuckoo clock, which periodically pops out with a different prop depicting time for a new lesson. These are typically something like Playtime, Painting, Snack time or Nap time.

As with Shaun the Sheep there is no proper talking rather the animals communicate through their native bleats, squawks or miaows. Even though all the animals speak in a different way, they all can all understand each other funnily enough. I was surprised by how much of the episode my kids understood, even without the characters speaking. When we watch it Jacob always shouts out whats happening, and what Timmy’s doing.

There are some genuinely funny bits in most episodes. I love in the title sequence how Timmy gives his dummy to his mum just before he runs into nursery. It’s a definite must watch programme for you to enjoy with your kids.

Apart from the Talking Timmy and Talking Yabba which Jacob has decided he wants (he got a grip on them so tight I thought I’d never get them out of his mitts) I’ve been looking at the Nursery School Playset too. Looking exactly like the schoolhouse from the show, this seems like a must have toy for a Timmy Time fan. Coming with a Timmy and Yabba figure, the important cuckoo clock is also present. You can make it Playtime, Art time and even indulge in Timmy’s favourite game of Football. You can get other character figures as well, so even more friends can join in the fun.

We’ll see how good the both of them are for the rest of the week and maybe I’ll possibly buy the school house playset on the weekend. If I do I’ll be sure to write up a full review for you all new week.

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