Tinga Tinga Tales Toys

Tinga Tinga Tinga Tingaaa….Tinga Tinga Tinga Tingaaa. Every time I hear this theme song it’s stuck in my head for the rest of the day. It’s also got a special place in my heart as it was the first song that Jacob used to sing properly whenever it came on TV.

Luckily for all of us fans of the hit Cbeebies show, Bandai have produced a range of toys to complement the series brilliantly. Which means lots more Tinga fan even when the shows over.

Jacob was very happy last week to receive a small Plush monkey from the range to play with, so much so that he made me drive to the delivery office and go and collect it straight away when I realised we’d missed the postman.

He wasn’t very well last week, and Monkey really cheered him up. In fact Monkey has been everywhere with him ever since, even in his coat pocket on the way to show everyone at nursery. Luckily he’s small and portable enough to accompany Jacob on all his travels.

As well as the lovely range of toys, I am really impressed with the great website www.tingatingatales.com. On the site there are games, clips to watch, and the most important part of Tinga Tinga Tales the stories behind all of the animals.

Other highlights from the range are the Up Down and All Around Monkey who has a built in sensor so he knows when he’s upside down or right way up, and his hands and tail can hang and hold onto things around the house. He sounds a lot of fun.

The Waterhole play set also looks like it could it could make a great present for your young Tinga Tinga fans. All little ones love playing and splashing around in the water, so adding your faveoraite animal friends into the mix has got to be a winner.

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