Tis the season for playing outside

What lovely weather we’re having today!

A great start to my son’s Easter holiday from Nursery. Luckily they only have one week off for Easter, so there’s only a week to keep him entertained. I know I sound nasty but he loves going to Nursery, and really misses it.

With the nice weather minds turn towards outdoor toys, and as I’m lacking in space outside I’ve decided a garden slide would be the best use of what I have.

With the plethora of different slides out there, you really are spoiled for choice. From toddler slides, water slides, to wooden swing sets the list is endless.

If you need some help, navigating through all the different slide choices, Ive found a useful little website all about Garden Slides. Listing all the most popular types, and a handy price checker all in the one place.

I think I’ll probably plump for the Little Tikes Easy Store Slide. As the name suggests it’s easy to store, which is perfect if like me you don’t want it up outside all the time. It also looks really stable with it’s wide base. I think it would be perfect for both of my young boys.

However if I had the space  I would defiantly go for something more like the Little Tikes Marlow Climb N Slide Swing set. With a backyard like that, you’d never get them inside. I think that every kid in the surrounding area would descend on your house when word got out. it’s certainly impressive!

So hopefully soon my boys will be enjoying fun and sun in the garden, let’s hope that the good weather keeps up.

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