Tomy Bath Toys – Review

The boys have been having lots of splashtastic good clean fun with some Bath Toys that we were sent to review from Tomy, namely the Octopals and the Do Rae Me Dolphins.

It might seem a bit weird but we don’t actually have a bath at home, so the boys had to take these new toys over to their grandmas house to play with. This actually added to the excitement for them, as they love the whole bath experience anyway as it’s not the norm, so to have some new toys just for the bath toy was really exciting.

The only bath toys they have currently are some small water pistols which they love, so this made the Octopals an instant hit.

The Octopals are a set of eight baby octopi and one bigger mummy octopus. The cute babies have suction cups on their bottoms for arranging the bath and tiles, but obviously the best part is that they all act as mini water pistols, with the boys shooting small jets across the bath at each other.

They don’t shoot too far, which is good you don’t want it to turn too boisterous and have waves crashing across the side of the bath or anything.

The Mother Octopus can be used as a pouring cup for water play, and the holes mean you can use it as a mini shower which always makes Jacob laugh.

Each of the Octopi have numbers on the side, plus numbered spaces for them to fit in on the floating stand. So it’s great for getting little ones used to numbers while they have fun splashing around in the tub.

Now onto the Do Rae Me Dolphins. This set of 8 little guys were definitely my favourite, even though I think the boys preferred the water soaking fun of the Octopals.

Each of the dolphins has its own rubber ring which it floats along in. When you press down on their heads they will make a musical note. When you connect the rings together in the correct numbered order from 1-10 when tapped the dolphins will play the musical scale.

You can either play them joined together, or play them separately, it’s up to you.

It’s sort of a whistling noise, not too loud but noisy enough to hear and enjoy. I wouldn’t say you can play out sonatas or anything on them. Plus they’re not perfect and sometimes the dolphins don’t play the note every time and you have to keep taping, but as a toddler toy it’s all part of the fun.

The boys have had some great fun splashing, shooting and playing their music ¬†in the bath this week, and now they have another reason to really look forward to going to Grandma’s on the weekends. Thanks Tomy.






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