Tomy John Deere Farm Toys – Review

The youngest has been poorly for the last couple of days, so it was a great time for Tomy to send us some of their new John Deere Farm Toys to review.

He wasn’t up to tv or flashy lights and sounds for the first day or so, and these simple toys provided some much-needed relief whilst Jacob was getting over his poorly tummy

The sets are all aimed more for the younger end of the market – From 1 1/2 years and are lovely and chunky, which is perfect for the little ones.

The John Deere Fun on the Farm Playset is a gorgeous set of 4 different farm vehicles, and would make an ideal first farm toy. It comes beautifully packaged, and looks great in the box. I have put it on my list to buy for younger nieces and nephews as it looks so wonderful packaged up it would make an amazing gift.

Thankfully once you get it out of the packaging it plays just as well as it looks in the box. Although if you’ve ever heard of frustration free packaging – This is not it! It took me at least 10 minutes and a lot of deep breaths to get all the pieces out. Its wonderful when out, but I wouldn’t attempt it with an anxious toddler looking over your shoulder.

All the farm vehicles have some sort of working element to them . The combine harvester has a spinning thresher, and the corn moves from side to side as you push it along. The Tractor has a hood which opens for fixing, the front loader has a moveable claw for picking up the hay bale, and the trailer can perform a tipping action to unload its contents.

As well as the large amount of vehicles, the set also includes 4 animals, 2 farmers, 3 hooked trailers, a hay bale, crate of tomatoes, a triangular lump of coal I think and a small fence.

The fence is nice as an added extra, however a bit more pieces would have been nice. You can only fit one animal in the enclosed fence at a time.

All of the figures have a circular bottom with a protruding end, which helps them to click into place in the vehicles. This works great with the farmers, but I’m not sure why the animals also have them. It makes them a tad unstable, so they tend to wobble and fall over easily. It’s not the biggest of issues, and Jacob didn’t seem to find it a problem, but it was something I noticed.

All in all the John Deere Fun on The Farm set is a brilliant toy which a toddler is simply bound to love. It has a few small down points, but for the amount of play that will be got out of the set, they are well worth overlooking.

Next up is the Johnny Tractor and Friends Mini Vehicles. Personally I always had a stash of small toys when the boys were younger and we were out and about. These 2 cheeky cheery vehicles would make excellent handbag and pushchair toys for Farm Mad toddlers.

The wheels are really zippy, and they really fly when you let them go on a shiny surface.

They are described on the packaging as squeezable, but I’m not sure why as they are not at all squeezable. They might have a slight bit of give after a while, but are not what I would call squeezable.

Lastly we have the John Deere Lights and Sounds Monster Treads Tractor

This tractor is one big chunky monkey. It definitely lives up to the Monster Treads name. If your youngster has a thing for Monster Trucks then they would love this.

This one was Jacob’s top pick by far. He spent ages rolling it back and for around the Fun on the Farm set, loving the groovy way the wheels move.

I’m not saying groovy to be cute or different, it does actually groove as it moves! The Monster Treads Tractor has front and rear suspension, so it moves from side to side as you push it along.

The huge wheels and suspension also mean it can tackle any terrain, and would be excellent outdoors toy in the garden.

On the top it has three buttons to activate the lights and sounds. One button gives you a realistic engine noise and turns the headlights on, The next is the reverse beeping sound.

Lastly a voiceover man from an advert saying “nothing runs like a deere”. This must be from an american advert as i’ve never heard it before, but it’s a bit of fun and the boys enjoyed pressing it to listen to the funny voice.


Jacob really enjoyed having the farm toys to play with whilst he was getting over his stomach bug. Even though he’s older than the recommended age for them, it was lovely for him to have some simpler toys to enjoy. I also think it’s great that Tomy have produced some beautiful Farm toys suitable for the younger end of the market.

Thanks Tomy for sending us the John Deere Fun on the Farm Playset, Johnny Tractor and Friends Mini Vehicles and John Deere Lights and Sounds Monster Treads Tractor to review.








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