Tonka Chuck & Friends – App Review

Tonka Chuck and Friends – Friends for the Long Haul is the first App to come out from the collaboration between Hasbro and Ruckus Media, and I’ve been wanting to try it out for ages. However I had to wait as I really wanted to try this one out on the iPad, so had to put it on hold until I got one. Well now I have one here goes.

The App is based on Hasbro’s popular pre-school Tonka Chuck & Friends toy range, and now also cartoon series. I think the cartoon series is shown on the Cartoonito channel in the UK although I’ve never seen it myself but I obviously know the toys very well.

I love the styling of this App, it’s so colourful and looks great on the iPad screen. It’s very easy to use, my 5 year old didn’t have any problems navigating around and playing the in App games on his own.

There are 3 different ways of reading the book, either the voice of Chuck will read the book to you while you turn the pages, or you can read the book yourself, or you can record your voice reading along to the book and then your child can listen to you reading the story back to them when they use the App.

My 3 and 5¬†yr olds and I sat down on the sofa and all listened to the story together, both of them fighting over who get’s to turn the page. The story kept them really engrossed, the mix of storybook, games and cartoon clips really worked at keeping their attention.

There are 2 different types of game, one where you have to wipe mud of the screen to reveal letter tiles underneath which spell out an appropriate word from the story, and the other requires you to match the picture cards to reveal the letters underneath.

These games were great for my 2 differing age boys, My youngest loved wiping the screen clean and Thomas really enjoys the matching pairs game. It was brilliant to have no tears or arguments for once as they both got a game they could successfully complete and have loads of fun doing it.

At the end of the story you can use the story word tiles you’ve collected to fill in the story as it happened, or make up a totally new story of your own. This was a nice parting feature as just when you thought you were finished there’s another fun activity waiting for you right at the end.

Me and my sons have really enjoyed using the Chuck & Friends App, as far as I’m concerned it’s another Ruckus Media classic. You can download Tonka Chuck & Friends – Friends for the Long Haul from the iTunes App store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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