Tonka Garage Mod Machines – Review

You can almost guarantee two things about all young boys : 1) they like cars and trucks, and 2) they like being a mini Bob the Builder and fixing things. My 3 year old conforms perfectly to this rule, and so was the perfect test subject for the Tonka Garage Mod Machines trucks I was sent.

This new range of Tonka Trucks are called Mod Machines, and your little one is guaranteed to have hours of fun changing tyres, tightening and untightening screws, fiddling with the engine and changing their truck into their very own dream machine.

Jacob was very impressed with the DX9 Pickup and DX5 UTV Vehicle, he also loved the Mod Machines name and is now endlessly shouting “Modify” just like Mater from Cars whilst he plays.

All the different models have different parts that you can change with your included Tonka wrench. The best things about all of the Mod Machines range is that all the parts are interchangeable with each other, meaning you can swap wheels, headlights and other parts with all of the trucks you have.

Their are 3 different types of truck within the Mod Machines range, the DX5, DX9 and DX14. Each of the 3 types have an assortment of different trucks within it.

The DX5 trucks are the smallest and most basic, although you can still make two different styles of truck out of the included accessories.

The DX9‘s are larger and have pull back power, so you can watch as they zip along the floor at great speed. You can also make the truck go by winding up the key at the back with your special wrench.

DX14‘s are the largest trucks and have a two speed motorised engine, complete with sound effects. Especially cool is the fact that as all the parts are compatible with all the Mod Machines, you can take the motorised engine out and use it with all of your other trucks as well.

The parts are easy to change and customise, even for small hands. Jacob found it fun to use the wrench, but my big fingers found it easier to just unscrew them myself. I’ve made it look more difficult than it really is in the video below, but I was doing it one handed and trying to film at the same time :)

A great range of toys for junior petrol heads!

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