Top 10 Baby toys for Christmas 2010

Here are my predictions for whats going to be the most requested toys from Santa in the Christmas of 2010.

Babies and toddlers are mostly forgotten about when the big toy stores do their Top 10 must have Christmas gift lists. We want to make babies first Christmas special, but don’t want to waste money on toys that are too old or that wont get played with.

So with all that in mind here is the Toybuzz definitive list of perfect baby and pre-toddler friendly gifts, that are guaranteed to put a cheeky smile on your little bundle on Christmas day.

Playmobil 123 Large Farm

Chunky pieces, bold bright colours, with rounded edges, washable, and with no small swallow-able pieces. The Playmobil 123 range of toys are suitable from 1 year old, and are perfect for little hands.

Have fun not only with the animals in the farm, but also playing inside the farmhouse.

Use the winch to transport supplies from outside up to the barn.

This charming farm set will be sure to spark your little ones imagination, and lead to some fun and all important creative play.

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VTech My First Tool Box

This fun Toddler Tool Box is perfect for Budding Bob the Builders and Handy Mannys from 18 months old.

Comes with four chunky tools ideal for those chubby little hands, A saw, Hammer, Screwdriver and Wrench.

Two modes of play help your baby learn Colours, Numbers and Shapes.

The bright lights and colours will also stimulate your babies senses and encourage baby to play and learn.

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Leapfrog Cook and Play Potsy

A good one for the little ones as it’s suitable from only 6 months, Potsy is more than just plastic food.

Potsy will teach your youngster colours, Counting, opposites, food facts and healthy eating and more.

Stirring the pot will make Potsy sing fun songs and rhymes. He also knows whether his lid is on or off.

Log onto the Leapfrog online learning path and you can see how your baby is learning through play, and what you can do to help her progress.

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Baby’s First doll and Pink Stroll Along Walker

One for the girls here and I can’t believe this idea has never been thought of before.

All girls love dollys and babies, and babies love walkers. It gives them independence when there at that stage when they want to be everywhere at once but are still a bit wobbly.

This combination of the two is just a match made in heaven.

The one problem with baby walkers is that once baby can walk confidently they quickly become redundant. However with this Fisher Price Stroller that wont be a concern as it will be loved for a lot longer as your little girls  first toy pushchair.

Theres even a first doll to go with the stroller which is suitable from birth. Which gives your little baby girl lots of time to get to know dolly before she starts pushing her around. The doll is even machine washable.

The doll is officially available separately from the stroller but some retailers are selling the Stroller and doll as a bundle, so be sure to check what your getting.

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Playskool Xplore ‘N’ Grow Ball and Gear Centre

For Jacob’s First Christmas I found it hard to choose between the Playskool Busy Gears set and the Playskool Busy Balls Popper.

In the end I went with the busy gears and he loved it, but now Playskool have made everything easier for parents and combined the too so we no longer have to choose.

Suitable from 9 months old your baby will have loads of fun watching the ball roll down the track and spin round, and will be fascinated by the twirling gears with accompanying lights and music.

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Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Centre

Now I know that the Learn and Groove Activity Centre is not a new toy for 2010, but in my opinion it’s still the best baby activity centre out there.

If you have an active baby like I did then this is possibly not only the best gift you can buy for your baby, but also for yourself too. My little boys were never big on sitting, the always wanted to be upright so this was perfect for them. Suitable from around 4 months once they can hold their heads up confidently until walking, your baby will get hours of fun and a great sense of independence from this toy.

It’s also hilarious to watch your 4 month old mixing and scratching at the record decks!

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Smart Trike Deluxe

Another toy that although not totally new this year I still feel deserves to be on here. There are so many incarnations of the Smart Trike now as it’s been so tremendously popular, but I’ve decided to plump for the Smart Trike Deluxe.

This great bike will see your child all the way from 9 month old baby up  to boisterous 3 year old toddler.

This 3 in 1 wonder bike first sees your little ones with a high backed seat, feet on the footrests and being pushed by mum or dad with the parent handle.

Once your now toddler has grasped peddling you can flip up the footrest to reveal the peddles, and then when confident you can finally remove the parent handle and off they go!

This Deluxe version comes with Removable Canopy, Handy bottle / cup  holder, Toy telephone and a bag for keeping all of those baby essentials in.

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Catch Me Car

This cute little car either comes with a friendly mouse driver or a playful rabbit.

Designed to help encourage baby to crawl the car will gleefully ride away from baby when the driver is cuddly driver is placed inside.

Lights, fun music and the brightly coloured fabric help to stimulate baby’s senses, and the different textures and patterns will keep baby amused for hours.

A fun little toy that baby will just love and will have her crawling around in no time.

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Roll ‘n’ Racers Spinning Sounds Speedway

Even though babies may be too small for a full blown garage, this fun car track will do the job nicely.

The raceway comes with two roller-ball cars so both you and baby can enjoy the fun together.

Press the button on the front to activate the spinning racetrack, and then watch as the cars spin around and spill out onto the exit ramp and crash through the chequered flag.

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Amazing Animals Roll Around Treehouse

Suitable for babies from 6 months old, the Amazing Animals Treehouse encourages babies to sit up and play.

Your baby will love playing with the three included chunky animals and really enjoy watching them have a great time sliding down the slide, riding the carousel and see-saw and swinging through the trees.

Each activity the animals do rewards your baby with fun sound effects and tunes.

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