Top 10 Boys Toys for Christmas 2010

Here are my predictions for whats going to be the most requested toys from Santa in the Christmas of 2010.

This is what I think most young boys will be hounding you for this year, Check out the other lists here:

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Imaginext Batcave and Imaginext Toy Story Tri County Landfil Playset

Ok so technically my first choice is really two choices, but I couldn’t bring myself to choose between these two great Imaginext Playsets.

Both are full of amazing features like trap doors, Grappling hooks and lots of hidey holes for your little heroes.

With their chunky parts and action figures ideal for smaller fingers, all of the Imaginext playsets are simply some of the best Christmas presents your little could ever ask for and guaranteed to entertain your youngster for long after Boxing Day!

Fisher Price Imaginext BigFoot the Monster

BigFoot the Monster is the newest creation from the guys at Fisher Price, and is part of their  immensely popular Imaginext range.

BigFoot is all set to become your child’s brand new best friend. Using the large chunky child friendly remote control your youngster can make BigFoot say and do an impressive over 80 actions and phrases.

Whether he’s Angry, Sleepy, Hungry, Exercising, Eating or even throwing a toddler style temper tantrum, BigFoot will enthrall and amaze little ones in equal measure.

Imagine how much fun you and your toddler will have Christmas day playing ball with this big guy!

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Lego Toy Story and Lego Star Wars

You can’t really go wrong with Lego for Christmas can you? and Lego fans have really been spoiled for choice this year, with tons of amazing sets being released throughout 2009.

So once again i’m stumped as to which way to go, so have decided to add both Lego Star Wars and Lego Toy Story sets onto my 2010 best toy Christmas list for consideration.

Being obsessed with the baddies of the movies as I have mentioned before, Thomas has pleaded with me to get him the Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle set.

Jacob however is still loving playing with the Construct-A-Buzz we have, so I’m thinking for maybe getting a Woody one to keep him company.

SpyNet Video Watch

Calling all secret agents! Looking like something that M dishes out to James Bond on a daily basis, this is your very own secret mission video watch.

During their covert missions your amateur spies can record over 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio, or over 2000 photos.

With the help of the all of website, young recruits can upload and review their evidence using lie detector and video analysis.

Download missions from the website direct to your phone, so you can feel like a real spy having missions beamed over to you by the boss.

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Disc Ultimatrix

If you are the parents to a young boy chances are you have some Ben 10 toys in your household.

Well be prepared to welcome another load of cartoon monsters to your vocabulary with the arrival of the all new Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series.

There’s going to be a few different styles of the new Ultimatrix out for Christmas, but the Ultimte Alien Disk Ultimatrix is set to be the most popular.

Unlike the Ultimate Omnitrix the disks go inside flat, and the alien then pops out 3d.

Having seen a sneaky peek of the new Ultimate Alien series online, Rath is already my favourite because he reminds me of Tony the Frosties Tiger.

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Stinky the Garbage Truck

Following the amazing success of Rocky the Robot Dump Truck, Matchbox and the Big Rig Buddies are back with another predicted big seller Stinky the Garbage Truck.

This big guy will keep the little un’s amused by telling jokes, dumping cars out of his back, singing, dancing and generally being a fun toy!

This clever garbage truck has hidden sensors inside, so knows when he’s full and will stand up and tip himself out.

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Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Hot on the heels of the biggest blockbuster movie of the summer Toy Story 3, comes Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear.

Press the buttons on his front to hear some of his most famous quotes from the movies.

Start up his jetpack and get ready for action. Watch as the engines light up and pretend flames come out. Hear the roar of the jet pack as he blasts off to Infinity and beyond!

Just be sure to set his lasers to stun, just in case you bump into Zurg along the way.

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Tomica HyperCity Mega Station Station

Part of the new and rapidly expanding Tomica Hyper City range, The mega station is probably the showpiece.

With pieces like the Police HQ, Fire Station and Petrol Station HyperCity is shaping up nicely, but what’s a town without a train station. That’s where the Mega Station fits in.

Although not just a train station, there’s also an on site shop for those pre- train journey munchies. Pavement, and Parking spaces for the commuters.

Full of flashing lights, sounds and impressive automation , this is a train set set to impress.

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Star Wars Bobba Fett Electronic Helmet

Dressing up like their favourite tv and movie heroes is always a fun thing for your kids to do, although sounding like them can sometimes be a bit harder to reproduce.

Don this electronic helmet and transform into every one’s favourite Bounty Hunter Boba fett.

Press the buttons and hear Boba speak, shoot his blasters, and start up his jetpack. Activate the light up antenna and use it to help you hunt down your targets.

By adjusting the straps inside the helmet can accommodate heads from your 5 year old all the way up to mum and dad.

This is the voice changing Helmet that all true Star Wars fans have been waiting for, so if not for your son buy it for dad!

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Kiddizoom Video Camera

Another Christmas, Another Kidizoom camera!

This latest incarnation is both still photo camera and video camera.

A fun directors mode lets your children have fun creating mini cinematic masterpieces featuring cartoon borders, cinema style openings. Thanks to the face-tracking technology, comical gags like a pie in your face are also on the cards.

I know my son would just love making funny movies with the Kidizoom featuring all of his action figures and toys.

It’s set to be ¬†big on the I want list this Xmas, Just don’t blame me when you end up on You’ve been Framed.

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