Top 10 Christmas gifts for Bakugan Battle Brawler fans

Bakugan’s been around for a while now, but is still big business in the boys toys department.

For parents new to Bakugan it’s the newest craze which has spread from cartoon series to the toy shop and it’s now all over the playground.

Young boys spend their lunch hours playing Bakugan battles, which are essentially a card game involving marble type balls and special magnetic cards. OK the way I’ve put it it doesn’t sound so great, but then again I’m not an 8 year old boy! and they love it!

So here’s a round up of the top 10 pieces of Bakugan Battle brawler merchandise available this Christmas. Hopefully some of these things your youngster won’t already have, and you can make him a happy brawler on Christmas morning.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Video Game

The biggest news in the Bakugan world this xmas is the arrival of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers the computer game!

Available on all the big consoles, but the most sought after will probably be the Wii and Ds versions. The Nintendo DS version can be bought as a special collector’s edition, which comes with a free Naga collector ball.

Bakugan Season One Vol.1 and Vol.2 DVD

A DVD is always a good bet as a Christmas stocking filler. Great for keeping the kids quiet for a few hours at home or on a car journey.

So how about getting your Bakugan fan back to the beginning of the story, with the DVD of series one volume 1 and volume 2.

Watch the adventures of Dan and his friends and discover what bizarre happenings occur when Bakugan cards suddenly start falling out of the sky.

Comes with free Bakugan Cards.

Bakugan Single Duvet Set

With this practical yet trendy gift you can be sure of a Christmas day hit, with the added bonus that it lasts all year round.

Includes Single duvet cover and one pillowcase.

Guaranteed to look great in any Bakugan fans bedroom. It’s also doesn’t look to young or old, so it’ll last for a few years.

Bakugan Battle Arena

Get ready to rumble with the Bakugan Battle Arena. Treat your son to the ultimate arena for all of his Bakugan battles.

Place your cards strategically on the arena floor, and then let your Bakugan roll!

They’re aren’t any Bakugan or cards  included with the arena, so you will need to have purchased this beforehand.

Bakugan Ready Bed

Buy your son this so he can impress his friends when they come round for a sleepover, by letting them sleep in his Bakugan Ready Bed.

Also great for your son to take round to his friends houses, grandparents, camping trips or just lolling round in the front room in front of the telly.

Bakugan T-shirt

Why not let your son show his Bakugan allegiance to the world, by wearing this Bakugan t-shirt.

In a mock layer t-shirt style, it’ll be a hit with your son in the looks department, and coming from M&S you can be sure that it’s good quality and will look good long past boxing day.

Bakugan Megalite

The Battle Brawlers fan in your household will just love this flash light in the shape of Drago, it even has a light up flame attack.

Press the button on the back and make his fire breath and eyes light up.

The fire breath projective is removable, so your kids can have hours of fun making Drago breathe fire and watching it glow.

Bakugan Tent

Decorated with vivid Bakugan graphics, this tent is just crying out for some fantastic adventures to be had with it.

Easy to assemble for a speedy camp out in the garden or camping trip, and then easily stored again in it’s handy storage bag with carry strap.

Bakugan Bakutin

Keep your Bakugan safe and secure in this stylish yet sturdy Bakutin.

The Bakutin can store up to 18 Bakugan and 30 cards.

The tin also comes complete with 2 exclusive Bakugan, 5 Metal gate cards, and 5 ability cards.

A great starter collection to go with the battle arena, and remember if you buy from boots you can take advantage of the 3 for 2 mix and match.

Bakugan Skateboard

Buying them a skateboard is a great way to them outside and active without seeming to nagging.

This colourful beautifully designed skateboard with Bakugan design is sure to appeal to your young battle brawler fan.

Suitable from 5 years old  this is a full size skateboard, so will last for Christmas’s to come, not a one year wonder.

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