Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Disney Pixar Cars Fans

Okay so Cars may have been released in 2006, but it’s still a big player in the kiddies toys and gifts department.

Kids just can’t get enough of Lightening Mcqueen, Mater, Doc Hudson and his friends.

And as time goes on the merchandise keeps growing and growing. They definitely arn’t resting on their toy laurels, there is more cars stuff out now than ever before.

So on that note I had a nosy around the virtual shops and decided to make the definitive list of the top 10 toys this year fans of Disney Pixar Cars want to see wrapped up under the tree this Christmas.

Walking Talking McQueen

Watch your child’s eyes light up when make their Lightning Mcqueen walk and talk all on his own.

By moving the levers on his back up and down, you can make Lightening move around the room and say many of his famous catchphrases.

This toy will be lots of fun on Christmas morning for sure.

Tractor Tippin’¬†Track Set

Recreate the classic Cars movie moment where Frank the combine harvester chases Lightning and Mater through the corn field.

This set comes with an exclusive Lightning Mcqueen and Frank the harvester with Spinning blades.

Vtech Lightning McQueen Laptop

This fun laptop in the shape and style of loveable Lightening McQueen makes learning a blast.

Packed with mini games that teach Letters, Vowels, Numbers, Logic and memory accompanied by fun animations and sound effects.

Has a Qwerty keyboard and the ingenious design sees a wheel become a mouse.

3D Character buttons take you directly to their fun mini games.

Mega Bloks Cars Piston Cup Race Set

Their are several different sets available in the Mega Bloks Cars range, but this one is my favourite.

Capturing the main event of the movie the Piston cup in all it’s glory.

Comes with buildable versions of Doc Hudson, King and of course Lightening.

You even get your own miniature Piston cup, how cool is that!

Battery Powered Lightning McQueen Ride on

OK so if you’ve got the room for the youngsters to go speeding around, how great would this be!

Their own battery powered version of their favourite movie hero, just waiting to take them on a spin around Radiator Springs.

Cars Play Tent

This pop up tent is a quick and easy present to set up on Christmas morning.

More than just a normal tent, it has a roll up door and is styled to look just like Mack from the movie.

With the added bonus of the portable soundmat, you can activate three movie related sounds.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Micro Scalextric Cars Race O Rama

Every little boy dreams of a Scalextric set for Christmas don’t they. And this Cars Race O Rama set wont disappoint.

Lightning races Chick Hicks round the Piston Cup circuit and onto the wilderness of Radiator Springs.

Realistic barriers and Big Screen all add to the excitement.

The color coded controls are also easy to use and the perfect size for small hands. Suitable from 3 years and up.

Cars 19′ HD TV and built in DVD player

wow, this is a great TV and the perfect gift for any Cars Fan’s bedroom.

It has a large 19′ LCD screen, is HD ready and has a built in DVD player.

What more could you ask for?

In the shape of Mack the Trailer, it’ll fit in perfectly with a Cars themed room.

The remote control takes the shape of Lightning. Ker-chow!

Cars Driving Game

Perfect for smaller racing fans, get into gear and burn rubber with this fun driving simulation game complete with realistic steering wheel, brake and gear stick.

Will delight young learner drivers with amazing sounds and effects.

Also fully portable, so your little one could even take it on car journeys and become a fully fledged back seat driver!

Cars Aquadraw

Aquadraw is a great present for creative young minds. Brilliant as it’s guaranteed no mess and no fuss, so you can just let your kids imagination go wild!

This special Car’s version comes with fun Cars designs decorating the Aquadraw mat. Either use the regular aquadraw pen or use the roller to create tyre tracks and watch as Lightning Mcqueen follows your path.

Perfect present to get out on Boxing day when the excitement has wained and everyone needs a couple of hours peace.

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