Top 10 Girls Toys for Christmas 2010

Here are my predictions for whats going to be the most requested toys from Santa in the Christmas of 2010.

This is what I think is going to be top of all the girls Christmas lists, Check out the other lists here:

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Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven

In the grand tradition of the toy kitchen being the little girls must have Christmas gift, here’s the latest contender the Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven.

Obviously nowadays kids are a bit more savvy and just a toy kitchen doesn’t quite cut it, So as the title suggests this little oven has a trick up it’s sleeve.

Pop the flat cake into the oven, wave over your magic wand and voila up pops a delicious looking cupcake just waiting for some fancy icing.

This 17 piece set includes light up frosting, cake toppers so you can decorate your creations after they have risen.

After you’ve finished your cupcake masterpiece, turn around your oven and put your creation on display for everyone to admire.

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Toy Story 3 Lots o’ Huggin Bear

Your little girl would have to have a heart of stone, to not want to find this adorable lump of huggable pink strawberry scented fluff underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

From the hit summer blockbuster Toy Story 3, Lotso is just begging to be every girls new best friend. He’s even got Velcro hands for that extra tight hug.

Lie him flat and he closes his eyes, Tickle his feet and he laughs, Squeeze his hands and hear some of his Toy Story 3 phrases. He even responds when you talk to him, and talks back.

Ok I know in the movie he’s a bit of a bad guy, but we can overlook that because he’s so darn cute!

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Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Tails Centre

Rolf Harris beat your heart out! Girls up and down the country are ready to set up their very own Animal Hospital, for the Littlest pet shop buddies.

After starting out with a ride in the ambulance with lights flashing, the Dalmatian doctor may send your puppy down for an X-Ray, or maybe straight up to the recovery bed’s for some well earned rest.

The hospital also has a well stocked medicine cabinet, so you can be sure your pet will get the best possible care.

After a hard day playing doctors and nurses, the centre folds up closed and can be stored away safe for another day.

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Pink Leapster Explorer

The New Explorer is the latest version of Leapfrog’s popular Leapster range of handheld electronic gadgets.

For the first time the Leapster has a touch screen, much like the Nintendo Ds. However as the Explorer is specifically designed for children from 4-9 , there are many more educational benefits to getting the Explorer. Like being able to view your child’s progress on the Learning Path, or the self customizing the skill level which follows your child throughout all of the games they play.

Not only are the games available as cartridges, you can also download leaplet apps. Small games, learning videos and stories can be downloaded when you purchase a leaplet download card. With the downloaded stories you can use your Explorer just like the Leapfrog Tag, by moving the stylus along with the words on the touch screen.

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ZingZillas Play N Groove Dancing Panzee

All the way from ZingZilla island comes this all singing and dancing version of all of the girls favourite Cbeebies friend Panzee.

The Play N Groove Panzee has 2 different songs included to dance along to, one slow and one fast. Her dancing is tailored matches the speed of the song, so be prepared to see Panzee busting some crazy moves on the dancefloor.

Their will also be a Play N Groove Zak available, get them both and see them boogie on down together.

All together now! Coconut Number two!

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Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel

After a bit of a re-boot a few years ago Sylvanian families are well and truly back with us, and back on the Christmas lists too.

The Regency Hotel is an extremely elegant  3 storey building, just perfect for a weekend getaway for your world weary Furry friends.

Inside you’ll find 9 large rooms for your waiting guests, a reception desk, roof terrace, balcony, and a working Chandelier.

Comes with two trusty members of staff Suzette the waitress and Basil the chef included.

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VTech Kidizoom Disney Princess Digital Camera

This brand new version of the Kidizoom, is basically exactly the same thing just with the Disney Princess branding. However if you have a Disney Princess fan that’s all that matters!

The main difference that all the little princess are going to love is that all of the buttons like on, flash, and take picture are all shiny glittery imitation diamonds and gems.

The other cool feature is the in built picture editor comes with some of the most famous Disney Princess added. So your little girl can have her photo taken, and then ask Belle or Cinderella to join her on screen.

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Polly Pocket Roller Coaster Resort Hotel

Having been around such a long time that even I remember playing with her first time around when I was a little girl , Maybe it’s time Polly got a well deserved break.

That’s why Polly’s checking into the Roller Coaster Resort.

Turn the crank and watch Polly and her pet Monkey set off on their round the resort, dropping off their luggage along the way.

There’s plently for Polly to do whether it’s enjoying a meal at the dinnertime buffet, dancing the night away at the disco, or relaxing in the mountain top pool and enjoying the waterfall slide.

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Barbie Glam Plane

Putting my 1980’s Barbie Ferrari well and truly to shame is Barbies newest set of wheels (or wings to be exact) The Glam Plane.

Only having two seats, Barbie is going to be getting the very best first class service on this flight.

Amongst the many accessories that come with the plane are, Luggage, A food cart, and Microphone for those all important safety announcements.

The icing one the cake though is the cute sound effects button which as well as the boring Takeoff noise, also gives you the familiar seatbelt ding, and some lovely tropical holiday music to get Barbie into the mood.

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Strawberry Stables with Fudge the Pony

Her own Pony with stables. Sounds like every young girls dream. Well now it can become a reality thanks to Fudge and his lovely Strawberry Stables.

This latest addition to the Dream Town family of Play Houses, See’s you taking charge of caring for ¬†Fudge the Pony and his stable home.

Brush his hair, Feed him an apple, tighten his reins, Fudge can even be ridden by your little one.

As an addition you can also pick up the stable care set and Gymkhana Dress up set.

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