Top 10 Hello Kitty Toys

Is it just me or has Hello Kitty taken over the world overnight, without anyone really noticing? I know Hello Kitty has always been around, but it’s been more of a cutesy quirky underground thing rather than a mainstream character. Well now without our knowledge Hello Kitty seems to have wormed it’s way into the big time, and now the Kitty means business!

It used to be that you only found Hello Kitty on the side of your kooky friends college bag, but now Hello Kitty has taken over everything. You can a Hello Kittified version of practically anything  watches, mp3 players, cameras, Partyware and even toasters!

Now I love Hello Kitty as much as the next girl, but I think it’s all got a bit out of hand. I went on holiday to Tokyo a few years ago and I don’t think I saw as much Hello Kitty stuff there as I did in my local Asda last week, Seriously!

So thinking of all the mothers of Hello Kitty obsessed little girls trying to sift through the deluge of stuff and pick out some toys for their birthday, I’ve compiled my top 10 of Hello Kitty toys.

Hello Kitty Mini Playsets

It seems that Miniaturisation of toys is the in thing this year, so of course the ubiquitous Hello Kitty had to get in on the act. Collect these amazingly cute little playsets to create the wonderfull world of Hello Kitty, comprising of Pet Shop, Cake Shop, Villa, Candy Shop, Dolls House and even the especially cute “Get Well Soon Hospital”.

All the sets come with loads of little figures and accessories.

Takes me back to the days of Oh Penny and the original Polly Pocket.

Hello Kitty Market Stall

I choose the Market Stall over the Kitchen as I thought a Hello Kitty girl would be much more into shopping than slaving over a pretend stove, even though the shopping is only fruit and veg.

Every little girl loves to play shop and with this set you can do just that, whilst also encouraging eating healthy foods.

The set comes with 6 pieces of pretend fruit, a gorgeous Hello Kitty shopping bag, Scales to weigh out the produce, ticket prices and lots more.

Something a bit different to the normal toy kitchen.

Hello Kitty Magic Fabric Creation Station

Young Fashionistas are just going to love this toy! Make your own Hello Kitty dolls and then use them to accessorise clothes, handbags, books just about anything your little one can think of really.

No cutting, sewing or gluing required. Just Press out your chosen design, place between the special board and then wind through the creation machine and it sticks together like magic.

The machine comes with enough materials to make 5 Hello Kitty characters. After which you can purchase from a range of 3 extremely cute themed refill pack’s so you can get back to the creating.

Hello Kitty Build Your Own

Just like the mini playsets with the various build your own sets available you can make your very own Hello Kitty world to immerse yourself in. The main difference being that the Build Your own range are Lego sized bricks, so the playset’s will be much bigger and better suited to younger Hello Kitty lovers.

Choose from 6 different sets to collect, although saying that two of the sets are  houses one small one larger so you wouldn’t really need both. Other than the houses there is a Ice cream parlour, Stables, Safari and Train Station.

The sets are also compatible with Lego bricks too, so if you have any hanging round you can add even more to your Hello Kitty World.

Pink Nintendo Dsi with Hello Kitty Game

For the slightly older Hello Kitty loving girl, this set of Pink Dsi including two games would make a brilliant birthday or Christmas gift.

Includes the Hello Kitty and Friends game, and Angel Cat Sugar game. Angel Cat sugar is made by the creator of Hello Kitty, so fits in nicely with the HK theme.

There’s also loads of other great girly games you can get to add to your collection when you get bored of these two.

Team this set with a Hello Kitty Dsi case and you’ll have a huge birthday hit on your hands!

Hello Kitty Trimoto

For Ride on vehicles I had to choose my favourite between the Bike, electric car or motorised Scooter and I’ve gone for the scooter. I figure if Hello Kitty could choose she’d go for a cool stylish girly scooter, because it looks a bit quirky and stands out from the crowd.

Suitable from 1 year old plus, it has a rechargeable battery and a honking horn on the handle bars.

It has foot a pedal accelerator and automatic brake with forward and reverse gears. It has a maximum speed of 2.5KM/H.

Would be simply perfect if it came with a little basket on the front I think.

Hello Kitty Secret Pillow

With this mini Hello Kitty pillow your daughter will be able to lock away and hide all of those top secret items she doesn’t want any one else to find, especially her brother!

There are two pockets inside, one for a mobile phone and a bigger pocket for a diary, ipod, handheld games console or something similar.

There are three different designs in all, and each comes with a different gift hidden inside either a Photo album, address book or scrapbook.

Hello Kitty Mandala Designer

Make beautiful Hello Kitty patterns easily for use of Greetings cards, School books or posters for your wall.

Just trace the picture with the stencil and then move the stencil around one arrow at a time, and you’ll have a really fun circular Hello Kitty design in no time.

Comes complete with paper, felt tips and crayons included, so great for a car or plane journey.

A brilliant present for those arty and crafty Hello Kitty fans.

Hello Kitty Secret Diary

This is a nice little present of the younger Hello Kitty aficionados. It’s probably a bit simple for those older fans, but ages 4-7 will love this  secret diary.

Electronically lock your secrets up in this diary, and make sure no one sees them that you don’t want too.

Included accessories are a pencil and two pencil toppers, a notepad with cute Hello Kitty graphics.

There is also a secret compartment hidden inside for extra special notes and trinkets.

Hello Kitty Victorian Dolls House

Finally I thought I’d add this lovely Victorian style dolls house to my top 10 list.

The chunky plastic figures are especially great for chubby little toddler hands.

When closed you can transport it anywhere easily with handy carrying handle. When your ready for play just unfold out the sides are you’ve got 4 rooms over two floors ready to be played in.

Comes with Hello Kitty, Mama and Papa figures and a range of furniture accessories for you to place around the house.

It’s a really cute and practical dolls house for a Hello Kitty obsessed little girl.

So that’s it, my top 10 is finished and I don’t know about you but I’m Hello Kitty’ed out. Think I’ll have to go and put on my Hello Kitty Pyjamas and have a nap in my bed with Hello Kitty Duvet,  Goodnight!

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