Top 5 Best Pokemon Movies Ever!

Day 4 of Pokemon Week and today we talk Pokemon on the big screen.

Pokemon movies are regularly enjoyed in our house. There must be a rule that at least one Pokemon movie must be watched every week with our fail, as it always seems that if he hasn’t already Thomas will pick one to watch one Sunday night.

Did you know that there have been a massive 16 Pokemon movies in all. From the original ‘Pokemon:The First Movie’ released 1999, up until the latest 2 movies from last year ‘Pokemon the Movie – Black’ and ‘Pokemon the Movie – White‘.

With all of my Sunday night Pokemon movie knowledge , I feel that I’ve earned the right to compile the definitive top 5 best Pokemon movies.

I’ve watched them all so you don’t have to!

The great thing about the Pokemon movies is that as a lot of them are quite old now, you can pick them up really cheaply on Amazon or Ebay. Plus they are nearly always some shown on CITV in the school holidays and half term, the newest movies actually premiered at Christmas time months before the DVD is due to be released.

Unlike most of the top 10 posts I do, this one is actually in order of preference. So I’ll start at 5 and work down.

Pokemon 4 Ever

As the name suggests this one was the fourth movie in the franchise.

We all know Ash is trying hard to become a great Pokemon Master, but some people just don’t want to put the hours in, and these are the Pokemon Hunters.

The plot of Pokemon 4 Ever is Celebi and his trainer Sammy are being chased by hunters and then mysteriously vanish. Jump to the present day when Ash and his friends turn up, and are told the tale of their disappearance 40 years ago.

Even more mysteriously Sammy and Celebi suddenly turn up again in the forest, and unfortunately for them it seems that once more they are being hunted. Only this time thankfully they have Ash and his friends to help them out.

Pokemon The Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom

  This is one of the latest movies that we luckily noticed was being shown on CITV over the Christmas period. Unfortunately I didn’t know there were 2 different movies initially, and so only taped the one.

Pokemon White is currently Thomas’ hot pick as it includes all the new Pokemon from the Black and White series and game.

The two movies are due to be released as a double pack DVD on April 9th.

 Pokemon: Giratina & the Sky Warrior

Giratina & the Sky Warrior is the 11th Pokemon movie to come along, and strangely was only released on DVD in the UK November last year.

This one is a bit of a mind bender, as it’s all to do with the Dialga and Palkia getting dragged into the reverse world for upsetting Giratina by disrupting space and time.

It sounds complicated and I suppose it would be if you took it all seriously, but honestly this is Pokemon were talking about, and all it amounts to is one heck of a battle.Which is obviously the main reason my sons loves to watch these films.

Pokemon: The First Movie

Honestly this one is not one of my favorites but Thomas made me put it on here as Mewtwo is the greatest (apparently)

Usually when he chooses this one he watches it himself, or we’ll just watch the small Pikachu cartoon at the beginning together, before I wander off and do some washing up or something.

It’s a fairly interesting story revolving around the über powerful clone of Mew, Mewtwo. Who after escaping from the evil Giovanni Head of Team Rocket, devises a plan to trick all the best Pokemon trainers to meet it for a battle.

Pokemon 3: The Movie

Another one here that has a bit of a strange storyline, but has a special feeling about it that I just couldn’t work out until now maybe.

I’ve read on a few places now that Hayao Miyazaki (probably my favourite ever film maker) had something to do with the story and theming. I’m not sure how true it is but to me it totally makes sense, as I get the same heartwarming feeling I get from Totoro or The Cat Returns every time I watch Pokemon 3.

Pokemon 3 is the story of a lonely little girl called Molly Hale, who having lost her mother (we don’t know how) dotes on her father like any little girl would.

Her father is a Pokemon archeologist and during a dig discovers some long-lost Unknown Pokemon. unfortunately for him and Molly the newly found Unknown make her dad suddenly vanish.

Molly is obviously devastated when she finds out about her dads disappearance, but then something magical happens as the unknown Pokemon find their way to Molly and start to grant all of her wishes.

Things start to go badly however when Molly asks for her mother, and the Pokemon try to find her one. Unfortunately for Ash they kidnap his!

So that’s my top 5 Pokemon movies. Who’s getting the popcorn?!

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