Topps Premier League 2011 Sticker Collection goes 3D!

3D is cool at the moment, theres no denying that. All of a sudden we have 3D films, TV’s, and now even 3D football stickers!

The brand new Topps 2011 Premier League Sticker collection has got onto the 3D bandwagon, and produced some amazing 3D football stickers for the new album. There are 42 3D stickers to be found, and every team in the Premier League is included as there will be a 3D Sticker of the star player from every club.

Every 2011 Sticker book comes with a pair of 3D glasses, so you can watch as your favourite players jump off the page before your very eyes.

Also as if introducing 3D stickers was not a big enough innovation for one season, Topps have also added a special Club hero sticker for every team. Players like Liverpool’s Robbie Fowler, Arsenal’s Thierry Henry and Tottenham’s David Ginola all feature on their teams pages.

There are over 450 stickers to collect in total, but for me and my son the pleasure is not only in collecting the stickers but reading all of the detailed information about the Teams, Players and stadiums.

So the only thing let to say is “Lets start collecting all over again!”, Well at least looking for the players and sticking them in his album keeps Thomas quite for a while :)

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