Toxic Magazines First Interactive Issue out Tomorrow

If your already looking for something to keep the kids entertained for a while this half term, then I’ve got the perfect solution. Why not get the kids the newest edition of Toxic Magazine.

The latest issue out 13th February is the first ever Interactive edition of the magazine. Featuring augmented reality technology, the magazine is choc full of video clips, and trailers all related to the in magazine content.

All you need to do to view the interactive content is download the free Aurasma app onto your smartphone or tablet, and then hold the screen over the specially indicated pages. Alternatively if you don’t have access to a smartphone or tablet you can view all the videos at

My boys were lucky enough to be sent a copy to test a few days early, and have been enjoying the magazine immensely. They were both wowed initially by the video clips suddenly appearing on the screen of their iPod, but they quickly got used to it and Thomas asked me why all magazines didn’t have this?

The interactive content includes current Toybuzz favourite ‘Disney’s Wreck It Ralph’ (we’ve already gone to see it twice its that good!) Lego, Monsters Inc, Skylanders Giants, and some pretty scary spiders.

The Interactive aspect of the magazine is very cool, and has kept my boys going back to try it again and again, but they also loved Toxic’s rundown of the top 50 Cartoon Characters and the Angry Birds puzzle Page.

This is the first time they have ever had Toxic Magazine as I think they always thought it was too old for them and overlooked it in the shops. However it’s been a big hit and Thomas especially being that bit older at 7 has read it cover to cover and keeps going back to it. I will definitely be buying it again for him.

The first ever Interactive issue of Toxic Magazine is out tomorrow Feb 13th for £3.99 and also comes with a bumper pack of gifts, including a Bow and Arrow, Squirt Phone, Parp Whistle, Pokemon Magazine and Haribo Sweets.



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