Toy-centric Fathers Day gift guide

Fathers Day is fast approaching, you’ve only got just over 2 weeks to get those gifts in.

So I’ve been on the hunt for toy related Fathers Day gifts, as we all know men are all just little boys at heart.

Here’s my pick of what’s out there for the fun-loving dad in your life:

Special Collectors Edition Football Sports Edition Rubik’s Cube

RRP £14.95 from Paul Lamond Games

I just love this football edition Rubik’s Cube.  Some of the teams to be given the Rubik’s treatment are  Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Manchester City FC

Each cube comes has the club logo, stadium and other club related images on each of the sides. So you can use it just like a regular Rubik’s cube.

We tried out the Tottenham Hotspur edition, being big Spurs fans. One side is the stadium, another a big mosaic of the logo, the underside is made up of each cube having a picture of the logo, and the last side is made up of bricks saying “come on you spurs”.

It great on its stand, and would look wonderful on your football loving dad’s desk at work.

At first I thought it would be impossible to solve without the colours, but I did beat it eventually. I just had to give each side a colour in my head. Sounds weird I know, but that’s the only way I could get my head around the new blocks.

I definitely found it harder to solve, so a great new challenge for a footie loving dad who perhaps thinks he’s conquered the cube.

And if you need reminding how to solve the cube, don’t forget my cuber in training video 

Daddy Pig Loungewear

My two boys have never been into Peppa Pig, but I know that she and Daddy Pig are big modern kiddie icons.

So what better for your little Peppa fans dad than this cool Daddy Pig range from Asda

Theres pyjama pants, a t-shirt, No 1 dad trunks, and a range of socks available.

Theres even a pair of Grandpa Pig socks for that special grandad

All available from Asda stores nationwide and from £2.50 – £10

Billy Whizz Morphsuit 

One for older more nostalgic dads perhaps.

Although saying that my hubbys not old, but he loves Billy Whizz

At £39.95 it’s quite pricey for a father’s day gift, however imagine seeing your dad rushing around as Billy Whizz!

it has to be worth it for mere comedy value alone.

Available from Morph Suits for £39.95

Beano Cup and Coasters

If the Beano is your dads cup of tea then these personalised Beano cups and Beano coasters are just the thing.

Coasters are always handy things to have around, and having a pack of six means they’ll be plenty to go around the office, work desk and man cave.

Having a personalised Beano mug is bound to earn them a few high fives around the office too.

Pack of six coasters £14.95 from DC Thompson Shop, and Personalised Beano mug  £10.99 from Gone Digging

Subbuteo Penalty Shoot Out

Another one for the old nostalgics out there.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire guaranteed fathers day winner then this has to be it.

At only £9.95 it’s a brilliant value for money gift.

Not for dad’s, Subbuteo will provide lots of fun for all the family.

We’ve been testing out the Penalty Shoot out set for a couple of days now and its brilliant fun.

Easy to play for even the youngest wannabe footballers, we’ve been having a blast holding our own penalty shoot out tournaments at home.

If you’re looking for something that is 100% sure to get dad’s off the sofa and down on the floor playing with the kids then this is a must buy.

 RRP £9.95 from Paul Lamond Games


So that’s my list. Hopefully you’ve found something that’ll take the fancy of the dad in your life.

Disclosure: We were sent a Football edition Rubik’s cube and Subbuteo Penalty Shoot Out sent for review. However all opinions are our own.





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