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I’ve already started thinking about Christmas time (OK I know it’s early, but good to make a head start!). When we were in Early Learning Centre recently both of my boys made a beeline for the Thomas the Tank Engine Train Table, so I’ve been considering getting them a nice train set to share.

The Thomas the Tank Engine set from the Early Learning Centre is stunning and has lots to keep two little boys occupied.

However the cost is a factor, it is a lot of money for a train set. The table and train set have to be purchased separately. You could use any set with the play table, but this is the one which is set up in the stores so I know my sons would be expecting this one.

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Sorry - no matching products found.

If your little one is a mad Thomas fan then this would be an amazing gift. However although my sons like Thomas and appreciate the styling I don’t think I need to pay the extra for it, they’d be just as happy with another set.

Another possibility is the Step 2 Deluxe Canyon and Train Track Table, an ingeniously designed table which takes cars and trains in its inbuilt recessed track.

The immediate appeal of this table is that the track and various bridges are moulded into the table, so no more putting pieces back together ever again (hurray!!).

Another great feature is the wipe clean hardboard lid, which means it can be used as an activity table for drawing activities and games etc. The lid also means that all the car’s and trains can be left on the tracks and just covered over, ready for another day’s play tomorrow with no more searching around for lost locomotives (hurray again!!!).

The set does come with 3 basic trains and cars, however most major types like Thomas, Brio and Hotwheels are all compatible.

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Another possible contender in the train table stakes is Toys R Us’s own City Train Table and Railway Set . A great looking set that would undoubtedly make an impressive Christmas present.

The set includes over 100 pieces including trains, trucks, people, trees and a helicopter, and 23 feet of track. This is also the first table I’ve seen to have electronic lights and sounds.

I like the idea of the big drawer at the front to keep all the pieces in, however I’m not sure I want to put the thing together every day.

Again this set works with all the other major types of trains like Brio and Thomas Tank.

And where would a page about wooden train sets be without a mention of the almighty Brio. I’ve got a real infatuation with Brio trains for some reason, and really have my heart set on getting my son’s one (although I’m really tempted by the Step 2).

I really like the simplicity of this train table and set, I’m sure that it would take only a few minutes to set up everyday.

I’m also swayed by the way that I could purchase the smallest set first whilst they are younger and then add on new pieces year on year.

Also from Brio is their new Set’s aimed at toddlers featuring Disney characters.

This beautiful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse styled train set would definitely be a big hit with my two boys, they love Mickey!

As you can see the clubhouse part is removable with a netting bag underneath for keeping all your pieces together.

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Also available in the new Disney range is a set of My Friends Tigger and Pooh Train Sets.

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Decisions, Decisions. I bet you can’t believe that there is so much choice in Train Set Tables. Going to have to go and have a good think about it!

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