Transformers Animated Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime

The Transformers Animated Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime was a bit of an impulse buy for Christmas, as we saw it on offer and thought it would be good for bulking up the presents.

Even though he doesn’t watch Transformers, he loves robots and things like that so we knew it would be a hit. He also has a small Bumblebee Transformer that he plays with, so the Optimus Prime will go with it well.

I didn’t want to take it out of the box as it’s for Xmas, but I’ve had a play with it all the same.

The Transformers Animated Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime¬†has a moving mouth, which is really clever. As he speaks his range of phrases, it looks like he really is talking, it’s quite cool.

The big selling point of this toy is the roll out transformation. When he’s in his truck mode, as you push him along he spins around and transforms in to Optimus Prime. You then just need to stand him up and he’s ready for action. He also makes the infamously cool transforming noise when he rolls out.

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In his hands he Carry’s a big battle axe, which when in his hands if you press a button out pops a huge blade and a flame. If you move the other arm, he makes a sort of clashing blade noise and after a few times laughs. I really think kids will find all of the noises and sounds hilarious, however i think they may get slightly annoying.

I know I wouldn’t have bought this item at full price, as I believe it was around ¬£60.00 when it first came out. However i think it’s a good toy and especially good for mad Transformers fans.

My hubby can’t wait till Christmas to open it and see it working. He’s just a big kid at heart.

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