Tron Legacy Toys

I don’t know about you but I’m incredibly excited about the release of the new Tron movie, Tron Legacy next month. So to receive some Tron Legacy toys to tide me over until the films release was just what the doctor ordered.

There’s going to be a whole host of great Tron Legacy movie tie in toys released by Spinmaster Toys in the coming months, of which I received the Deluxe Sam Flynn figure, Deluxe Light Cycle and CLU Figure. The Deluxe Sam Flynn figure is absolutely amazingly cool, the actors face from the movie is actually projected and talks.

Having a young son who is a massive fan of action figures I could see instantly how magical this would seem to him, and I wasn’t wrong. The Both the Deluxe 7.5 inch and the Ultimate 12 inch versions of the figures have the special “Impulse Projection Technology”.

This is the first time this type of technology has been used in kids toys, and it works so well I don’t think it’s the last time we’ll be seeing it. Having the movie hero’s face actually talking to you whilst you play with the toy is brilliant, the lips move along with the speech perfectly too, it works flawlessly.

The Figures joints are very stiff and don’t have very much movement, apart from the arms. The head doesn’t move at all, and the knees can only be moved if you push the joints really hard. To be honest I’m not too bothered about this as it means because Thomas can’t move the legs he always stands up steady every time.

He comes with his Identity Disc which he can either hold or store on his back, and his Baton.

The 7.5 Deluxe Tron Figures are available as Sam Flynn, CLU, Rinzler and Black Guard.

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The Deluxe Light Cycle is another really cool toy that all Tron fans are going to go Ga-Ga for.  Not only does it make some very cool sound effects when you push it along, but it also lights up and glows as you ride. A small Sam Flynn figure comes riding the bike, and very coolly you can take him off and replace him with one of your other 3.5 inch figures very easily. We tried this with our 3.5 inch CLU figure and he looks just great riding the bike, he even lights up as well as the bike because the bike pushes down on his light control button.

My only down point with the bike is that it takes a bit of a push before the light cycle sound effects and light kick in. It would be very cool if as soon as you pushed the sound effect came on, but whatever makes the noises and lights activate it’s not the wheels moving.

It’s also quite hard to make the different noises come on, we always seem to get the one engine noise but I know there’s more than theres a few different ones it can do. We’ve got the screeching corner noise a few times, but I’d love to know what moves you need to do with the bike to make it do this.

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The 3.5 Inch CLU figure also lights up, he lights up orange rather than blue. He comes with a base plate to stand one, a Katana which is like a long samurai sword and an Identity Disc.

His light up feature was probably still the best thing about him in Thomas’ point of view, that plus him having the stand up base plate (he’s got a real thing about having all of his guys standing up, so this makes it really easy)

I like the way you can change the figures around, and put him onto the Light Cycle.

CLU is going to be the big baddie in Tron Legacy, an exact replica of the creator Kevin Flynn. CLU keeps Kevin who’s Sam Flynn’s dad locked up within the system, and seems to be the big boss everyone else is afraid of.

Obviously Thomas was very happy to have both Sam and CLU as he’s always likes to play with both the goodie and the baddie figures. It’s made for a couple of good fights between the two of them even if the Sam figure is a good 5 inch taller, Thomas says because CLU has the Katana that evens things up.

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So Tron is definitely the in thing in our house at the minute, We’ve watched the original again, played with the toys non-stop and are now just eagerly awaiting the time when Tron Legacy finally gets into cinemas. Hurry up Dec 17th!

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