uDraw Dood’s Big Adventure – Review

Following on from my review of the uDraw game tablet and uDraw studio yesterday, I am very grateful to the lovely people at THQ to be able to bring you a review of Dood’s Big Adventure which is another uDraw enabled game.

The first thing that you’ve probably noticed from the logo of the game is that the aforementioned Dood is plain white and very boring, even the title sequence at the start of the game has a plain Dood running away from three bad guys. The point being that Dood is whoever you want him to be, as soon as you load up the game you can get colouring him in and get him to look exactly as you want him to. Thomas loved this and thought it was amazing! He also loves the fact that next time you load up the game the title sequence changes from the plain Dood to your new Dood, I’ve had to sit through the whole thing every time we’ve played the game!

As well as customising your Dood character, you can also get to work designing the three enemy or baddie characters as well as obstacles in the game and Ballonimals which float in the sky on certain levels.

Apart from all the colouring and creating fun on offer, the main attraction of Dood’s Big Adventure is being able to use the uDraw game tablet to play some very cool games. There are four different games for you to try:┬áPen Panic, Roly Poly, Bubble Trouble and Fan Frenzy.

In Pen Panic you use the stylus to draw a trampoline on the screen to enable Dood to bounce through the level.

Roly Poly uses the motion control feature, and sees you tilting the game tablet left and right to navigate Dood through the level. You lift the tablet up slightly to jump, and speed up to roll through enemies. This was Thomas’ favourite of all the games. He is already really good at it, and got the controls figured out instantly.

Bubble Trouble sees Dood trapped in a bubble, and you have to guide him around sharp objects and enemies who are determined to try and burst Dood’s bubble. This is the other game which we as a family have spent the longest time playing. This game is my speciality, and I find it very ,very addictive.

The final mini game is called Fan Frenzy, and in this mode Dood has been inflated and you need to use the stylus to move Dood around the level.

There are 60 levels in total to work through, plenty to keep you and your kids busy for a long long time. As an added incentive to work harder at cracking the levels in the best time that you can, the quicker you finish a level, and the more enemies and coins you collect along the way, the more bonus points you get when you finish.

At the end of the level you will earn either 1,2 or 3 stars. These stars can then be used to purchase things like special skins for Dood and the enemies, or even fun games to play on the screen like Dood dot to dot, colouring pages, spot the difference and mazes among others. If your kids are anything like my two they will really really love these added extras, Thomas just loves spot the difference and dot to dot. It’s also great for getting more longevity out of the game, as if Thomas wants a specific skin design he has to work hard and keep trying to earn extra stars to afford it.


Dood’s Big adventure is not the kind of game that the likes of Edge or Eurogamer are going to rave about, but for a normal person like me who is looking for a great game that we can all enjoy and play as a family, Dood’s Big Adventure is perfect. The games are easy to get to grips with to start off, and slowly get harder giving me and the boys a bit of a challenge. Also don’t underestimate how much your children will love designing their very own video game star, Thomas is still amazed when he see’s his Dood on screen and is always tinkering and fine tuning his design.

In my opinion the uDraw is a must have for families who have already have a Wii in the house, and if you do have uDraw then you’ve just got to get Dood too!

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