Uno Roboto – Review

This is the penultimate game review from our Mattel Fun Times Board Games box – Uno Roboto

I feel a bit silly to be honest, as the kids have been wanting to play this from day one, but I’ve been putting it off until the end. I’ve always had in my head that Uno was a really complicated game to play, and envisaged that we would be endlessly picking up and putting down cards.

I should have remembered that all the Fun Times games are designed to be played in around 20 minutes. If I’d have thought about that we would have been playing this for ages, it’s such a great great game. So much fun!

Firstly for those who haven’t played Uno before I’ll quickly explain the rules. Everyone starts with being dealt 7 cards. The cards have coloured numbers on them, or there are a few other special cards which change the game as you play.

To play you need to match either the colour or number of the last card played with one from your pack. If you can’t do that you need to pick up another card from the pile. The winner is the first player to use up all of their cards.

Along the way some of your special cards will come into play, such as switching the game play direction, next player misses a turn, or next player picks up cards.

This however is just how to play regular old Uno, Uno Roboto is a whole new game!

Roboto is a very cool robot, and the kids loved that he was speaking to them, and that he looks like he is really talking, as a red light flashes as he speaks.

At the start of the game Uno Roboto asks you to record your names. All the names come out as squeaky and high-pitched, so there’s no worrying about hearing your own voice as it doesn’t really sound like you anyway.

You can also record a house rule at this point if you wish. A house rule is a fun silly challenge that all the players must participate in, with the slowest player to finish having to draw 2 cards as punishment. You get 4 cards with some example house rules you can use if you need some inspiration with challenges like ‘Snort like a Pig’ or ‘Balance a card on your head’, but we decided as it’s the thing to do at the moment we’d have ‘Do the Gangnam Style dance’ as our house rule.

You don’t have to choose a house rule, but don’t think you’ll get out of doing silly things as Roboto will randomly pick players throughout the game to do a duel challenge, which is the same idea as the House Rule only it’s just between 2 players.

Roboto will also interrupt the game as you play just to shake things up a bit. For some reason he kept picking on Thomas, telling him to “Pick up cards until you find a Green One”. He eventually found one about 7 cards later, but at least he was still laughing. He often chips in telling someone to pick up some cards, or deciding it’s someone elses turn. You never know what Roboto is going to say, and he really does mix things up, and it definitely makes for a unique game every play.

I would undoubtedly recommend Uno Roboto as perhaps the perfect child friendly party game for Christmas time. My advice is if you have time to nip out and get one, go and do it. You won’t regret it!

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