Up, Up and Away Little Charley Bear – Review

It’s amazing what you can do with your imagination! However with the Up, Up and Away Little Charley Bear from Vivid Imaginations, you don’t need to imagine Charley flying in a plane, he is in a plane!

This lovely toy is exactly like the one Charley Pilots in the episode where he pretends to be a Postman delivering letters by plane, but falls asleep and nearly forgets Midge’s birthday present.

A button on the front starts up the noises and phrases from the show by James Corden. From then on they are movement activated whilst you continue playing with it. If you put it down for a bit you’ll have to press the button again to start the noises again.

Inside the plane is a gorgeously cute and fluffy mini Little Charley Bear, complete with Biggles style goggles.

Charley’s plane with its bright red paint and burning flame decals looks totally eye-catching, and my little nephew who’s only 14 months is in awe of it. The colours are so vibrant and fun, it just makes you want to play with it as soon as you set eyes on it.

If your little one is a Charley Bear or Cbeebies fan then this toy is the one for you. Apart from the gorgeous Mini Charley, it’s got that totally eye-catching colour, cool airplane noises when you fly it about in the air, fun propeller to spin around. All in all a brilliant toddler age toy.


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