Velcro® 101 Uses – 4 Keeping Board Games organised Part Two

So I know your all dying to know what Part Two is, so here goes

With Christmas coming up, and a birthday on Tuesday. Theres going to be some new toys moving in, and that means a clear out of the toy boxes.

I noticed a lot of our old faithful board games which we play regularly have rather battered boxes, and was worried about the contents spilling out and getting lost in the abyss never to be seen again.

Board game boxes which have lids are usually fine, as the insides will rarely fall out if the lid is on correctly. The problem ones are the games just in one box with a flap for opening. If you get a hole in one of these, the contains can easily escape. Plus after extended uses the cardboard will become floppy and the inevitable gaps will start to appear.

So I set to work on repairing the boxes. Big brown parcel tape around all the edges to cover the rips, but what to do about the opening flap. You obviously still need access to the game, but don’t want a gap for anything to slip out.

Luckily I then had a Velcro® brainwave and attached some Stick On Tape to the inside, and flap of the box. Making a perfectly sealed board game box, with easy access but no chance of losing any pieces. Really handy stuff.

You can keep up with the Velcro® tips by keeping a check on #101uses on Twitter, where all the Velcro® bloggers will be posting their tips.

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