VistaPrint Photo Book – Review

Thomas has been a very lucky boy this month as he recently had the time of his life all thanks to the lovely people at Vistaprint.

We were given the opportunity to review one of their photobooks, which in itself would have been great.

However not only that, we were also able to choose an attraction we would like to visit, so we could make some wonderful memories with which to fill said photobook!

Thomas has been literally begging me for months to take him to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay. So this was the perfect place to visit and get some amazing photographs.

I have to admit to being very lax in the photo department. I love taking photos when we are out and about, but very rarely get around to printing them.

I have all 400 photos from our recent Florida holiday still sitting on the computer. Plus the last holiday 2 years ago. I was even scolded by the health visitor once for not having enough pictures hanging on the walls.

It’s not that I don’t like photographs, I just love looking back at my gorgeous boys. I suppose I’m just plain lazy and never seem to get around to printing them.

I was interested to find out whether having a photobook of our day out would prompt me to change my ways, and get some physical copies of all those treasured memories.


We had an incredible time at the Doctor Who Experience. Thomas had the time of his life running around and snapping absolutely everything.

I’m not a fan of Doctor Who at all, but I was brimming with joy watching my little boy with such a big grin on his face.

Knowing that we were going to be reviewing the photobook I asked Thomas to take along his iPod so we could both get snap happy and share the results in the book. It was a going to be a real joint effort.

When we got home Thomas was still buzzing with excitement and wanted to immediately start on the Photobook. Tallying up the photos taken, in the two hours we were there I’d snapped 83, and Thomas somehow had 243!

To create our Photobook we used the free Vistaprint Photo Book Desktop app. You can also use the online editor is you wish, but we went for the downloadable one.

It was incredibly easy to use, and extremely intuitive. Thomas sat with me during the whole process and had just as much fun creating the book, as going to the actual exhibit I think. It was a great mum and son project.

The desktop application automatically finds all the photos on your computer, and shows them on the left-hand side. You simply drag and place your photos in the spaces, It’s that simple.

Everything is customisable, and you can have the layout exactly as you’d like. There are templates to help you if you know how many photos you want to fit on a page, or you can just drag and drop them down and use the guide lines to straighten it all up. We used a mixture of both methods and our turned out great.

You can add text if you’d like on your photos or underneath them. Thomas decided we didn’t need the text as he just wanted to look at the pictures. We decided to forgo any text on the cover as well. He’d taken an amazing picture of the front doors of the exhibition which we spread across the front and back page. Text would have spoiled the effect we felt.

As you can see from the picture above we found a really cool feature where you can place a photo behind the others as a background image. We only used it twice to make those pages stand out, but it looks so good in the book.

I was a bit concerned that some of the photos might not look so great blown up. With Thomas only having a basic Ipod touch camera, plus the haste with which he was snapping. The photobook editor did flag up a few of his photos as not being the best quality. However we went ahead anyway as we wanted it to be a collaborative effort.

I was so pleased when the finished article arrived in the post that his pictures came out wonderfully. You can definately see the difference in quality between my photos and his, but he was just so pleased to see his work printed.

We completed our work on the photobook over 2 nights, taking around 2 hours in total to perfect our masterpiece. Once we submitted our order it said that the standard delivery option was 14 days, however ours came exactly 1 week later :)

The Vistaprint photobooks start from £11.99 and go up from there depending on the size you choose, how many pages you have etc. We went for the XL Square photo book, with Glossy paper printing, and Lay flat binding as extras.

Both the Glossy paper printing and Lay flat binding are well worth the extra money. You obviously want your pictures to look their best, and the glossy finish really makes them pop.

Knowing my son would be using this photobook the most, we went for the lay flat binding aswell, and it was a great choice. He always gets frustrated having to keep a big book open whilst he’s looking at it, so this was perfect for him.


Having the photos produced into a photobook has really opened up me eyes, and made me feel very differently about my pictures. Not only that, me and Thomas spending quality time working together on the book makes the memories all the  more special.

Our next project is to put all our holiday photos into another book. Thomas also had the idea to make a photobook of the school summer holidays this year, ready to take with him to Year 3 in September.


Thanks so much to Vistaprint for giving us the opportunity to review their photobook, and for family entry to the Doctor Who Experience

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