VTech Baby’s Laptop Review

My one year old Jacob received this as a Christmas present from his gran, and it’s been well played with already. As it’s really light I usually take it into the kitchen and he plays with it on his highchair tray, he just taps away happily for ages.

When you lift up the lid of the laptop you will discover that the under side of the lid is a grid of 9 squares, each with a picture on it. Below is 9 coloured buttons in various different shapes, also with different pictures on them.

The computer voice is a friendly enthusiastic lady and not overly annoying. When you first turn the laptop on it will play an opening song, sung by the lady which is quite fun.

There’s also a pretend red mouse which makes different Tom and Jerry cartoon style sound effects when moved.

There is a two level volume switch and a switch for engaging on of the three modes of play, Learning, Explore and Music.

In explore mode when a button is pushed  the picture on the corresponding square of the grid is commented on e.g. a picture of a rattle and it says “I like to shake my rattle”.

Learning mode consists of firstly pressing one of the shaped buttons and the computer will say it’s name, if pressed again the picture on the button will be vocalised and lastly the picture on the corresponding grid square will be named.

In music mode each button press will result in a different nursery rhyme being played and all the grid squares will flash repeatedly.

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If not in use for 30 seconds the computer will say “are you home” ,and after another 30 seconds the initial laptop opening song will play again. When inactive for a few minutes the laptop will say “shutting down now” but if it is not switched to the off button it will come to life  as soon as a button is pressed again. 

This toy is extremely sturdy and well built as Jacob always drops it from his highchair when he’s done and it’s still unscathed and  good as new.

Although my son doesn’t  play with it when I give it to him it doesn’t keep his interest for that long ,only about 5 minutes at a time. He doesn’t actively seek it out to play with it from the toy box either.

I think that it is a good toy for babies, but the age recommendation is 9 – 36 months and I don’t think any toddler over 2 years would get anything out of it. I would say 9 – 18 months would be more realistic.

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