Walking With Dinosaurs The 3D Movie Ultimate Gorgon – Review

20th of December sees the release of Walking with Dinosaurs The 3D movie at UK cinemas. Something me and Thomas are really looking forward too. We’ve had that set out as a mum and son date for ages.

This week we received one of the toys from the movie Ultimate Gorgon to review, thanks to Vivid Group who are the guys behind the Walking with Dinosaurs toy range.

Walking with Dinosaurs aired back in 1999 on the BBC (was it really that long ago!?) So obviously Thomas didn’t see it back then, but thanks to the magic of Dvd’s we’ve both enjoyed it over and over. We were just over the moon when the 3D movie was announced, and have been looking forward to it ever since.

From what I have gathered from the trailer, were expecting more of a film than the documentary style of the tv series. It will also benefit from the latest paleontological discoveries, and cutting edge technology. we just can’t wait to see what the dinosaurs will look like in 3D.

Amongst the toy range are 3D movie blind bags, which come with a mini dinosaur figure and collector card. With an RRP of £1.99 they are nice little things to collect.

The Gorgon stomping feet are cool dinosaur feet which you slip your own shoes into to create your very own monster Dino feet. Every time you stomp around your feet will make huge dinosaur noises. Very fun, although I doubt Gorgon’s stomping can be much louder than when Thomas huffs about on the floorboards upstairs.

Over to the Ultimate Gorgon dinosaur figure which for the record is 12″ high, much bigger than all the other dinosaur toys we have. Having all the Dino’s lined up together, Gorgon really does look like the scary monster dinosaur they would all be terrified of.

Gorgon has an impressive 14 articulation points, so getting him to stand and claw at his victims is really easy. You can move all his fingers and toes, feet, legs, arms, tail, head, almost everything.

His skin has an almost slimy feel, whilst not totally unpleasant makes me feel a little uneasy. It just feels a little bit too real. Especially when he’s been outside in the cold conservatory all night in the toy box. His skin feels so cold, it does feel like really creepy.

The roaring sounds he makes just adds to the scary feeling i get. He makes about 5 realistic bone chilling sounds, and makes me jump every time.

Thomas however being a boys boy thinks Gorgon is amazing! The fact he scares me a little just adds to the excitement.

The boys both think Gorgon is the ultimate toy dinosaur, and have been having some bone shaking fun with him boxing around all our other toys. A big Dino sized thumbs up from the Toybuzz boys.



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