Whac-A-Mole Molehill Mania Game – Review

We were amazingly lucky last week to receive a bumper box of wonderful family board games from Mattel for review.

It’s all part of their Fun Times initiative, which aims to get families together to play games more often. All the games we received for review can be played in a maximum of 20 minutes, so there really is no excuse not to be able to find the time to play.

The first game we played out of the box was Molehill Mania, mainly because they boys opened the box after school and I still had the tea to cook. So they needed to find a simple game they could play together before eating, whilst the food was cooking.

Whac-A-Mole Molehill Mania is the perfect game for such a scenario.

It’s game for 2 players, for players aged 4 and up. Absolutely perfect for my two 5 and 7-year-old boys.

The game is based around the idea of the Whack A Mole machines that you get in arcades. Although this game is quite different to those, the feel is much the same.

Inside the box you get 2 mallets, 11 Moles (5 green,5 blue, 1 red) and a molehill for the moles to jump out of. The best part is the realisation that no batteries are required. Hurrah!

You can play the games in 3 different ways, each needing a bit more skill. Good for as your children get older.

Each game starts the same. Firstly you place all the moles in the molehill. Next both players grab a mallet. When your both ready you simply shout “Go” and start whacking the planks down on the side of the molehill as fast as you can. As you whack the moles will flip out of the molehill onto the floor. Once all the Moles are out then you move onto the next part depending which level of game your playing.

The basic game sees you simply collect 6 moles as fast as you can by whacking down on them with your mallet. Once you have 6 in your mallet, a yellow plastic mole will pop out of the top to indicate you have a full mallet and have won.

In level 2 each player choses to be either blue or green, and you have to whack all of your chosen colour moles as quick as possible. When all your moles are in your mallet then you can whack the red mole to win the game.

In the last level you bring points into the equation, with green moles being 1 point, blue 3, and the red 5. Tallying up your 6 moles at the end of the game to see which player has the most points to win. This way of playing was actually my boys favourite. Although all 3 ways of playing were great fun.

As a parent the things I liked the most about the game was:

  • It was very easy for my sons to set up themselves
  • They both fully understood the rules immediately as it was so simple to explain. So everyone knew what to do.
  • No Batteries
  • Each game only lasts about 2 minutes, so in the 15 minutes I was busy doing dinner they played about 10 rounds and were happy they’d had a good amount of playing time.



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