What is BAKUGAN??


If you’ve got a boy aged 7 – 11 chances are you already know, but if your not aware it’s only the most popular boys toy out there at the minute.

Bakugan was the most searched for toy on Google last Christmas, and shops were cleared by desperate parents as soon as new stock arrived.

Fortunately my son’s too young to be sucked into the whole Bakugan phenomenon yet. Although we did see an advert for the series on TV, I decided to steer clear and made a mental note not to let him watch.I don’t need another set of  TV tie in toys to buy for, Ben 10 is bad enough.

Apparently Bakugan is all about the story of a group of friends and how one day some cards come falling down from the sky. The friends create a card game to play with them and call themselves the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Although inevitably something goes from and they get dragged into fighting for the fate of Vestoria, all sounds plausible enough right?.

The main draw with these things seems to be the fact that the Bakugan are small marble sized balls with miniature figures inside them, When rolled onto a Bakugan card they fly open. This is because they are magnetic and spring loaded and the cards are have some metal embedded in them.

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In the same vein as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! your encouraged to collect all the cards and various other items such as battle arenas and hand launchers and collection cases.

With the announcement in February that a new line of Bakugan branded products like Digital cameras and Alarm clocks are being released. There’s also a  video game to be released in the Autumn of this year for all platforms, and talk of a movie. It looks like Bakugan will be around for some time to come. 

I just hope that it’s gone from the playground by the time that my son starts school.

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