Wicked Uncle – Review

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be contacted by online gift company ‘Wicked Uncle’, and asked to be one of their toy reviewer’s for this month.

Wicked Uncle is a brilliant idea for an online shop. It’s the perfect one stop shop for children’s toys and gifts, all sorted into gender and age categories.

Brilliant and extremely useful for all those wicked uncles and aunts, gran’s and granddad’s looking for a quirky fun gift for the youngster in their life but not knowing where to start.

Some people may balk at the idea of gifts being age and gender separated, as it’s a contentious issue at the moment. However I think it’s a great idea and believe most consumers would find it useful.

Here’s what Wicked Uncle themselves say about the issue:

* Gender – some people don’t like this division. We do it to make things really easy and the popularity rating shows what other people are buying. We divide products by gender because nobody ever buys pink tiaras or Frozen products or dolls for boys. It just doesn’t happen so there is no point in including these in the girl sections. 

We certainly include construction, Lego, remote control and outdoor fun products in the girls sections. We love the idea of girls running around being as boisterous as small boys. Check out the Battle Tanks in Girls 8-10. 

Where a product has been in various age / gender categories and it doesn’t sell at all, then we may take it out to make room. A lot of toys are age specific and children really don’t like getting toys they think are too young for them. 

 As part of us reviewing Wicked Uncle I was given £40 in credit to choose on whatever I wanted for the boys from the website.

For Jacob it was over to the boys age 7 category, and  I choose the Hyperspeed Remote control car. He’s always wanted one of these remote control stunt cars with flashing lights, so it was exactly what he wanted to receive.

Thomas is 9 now, and since I did spend most of my allotted money on Jacob’s stunt car he had to settle for a smaller gift. However there was still plenty to choose from, and was thrilled with the incredibly bouncy Moon Ball i choose for him.

Jacob is so thrilled with his stunt car, it’s amazingly agile. The wheels twist and turn all over the place, whilst the flashing coloured lights make the room look like a disco. It’s an ideal gift for a little stunt devil petrol head like him.

Thomas’s Moon Ball is equally awesome. It bounces massively high in the air, much higher than a regular ball. We found we got a better bounce the harder the surface you bounce it on, but be careful bouncing indoors as accidents are bound to happen. Best for outdoor play definitely.

Apart from being very happy with my choices for the boys, I was equally pleased that my order came nicely packaged for the boys to open, plus that there was no receipt inside telling Thomas how much more I’d spent on Jacob than him. That could have been very awkward.

Thanks to Wicked Uncle you’ll receive an order confirmation with everything you’ve ordered on your email, but your lucky gift recipient can open their present straight away without being told how much you spent on them.

Wicked Uncle can gift wrap your present, plus even write a handwritten birthday card for you if you need them too. However even if you don’t opt for the birthday card your lucky gift recipient will find a thank you card in their box, ready to send with your name and address on it, so they will know the gifts from you.

All in all I think that Wicked Uncle is an excellent service for buying gifts for children. Especially if you are looking for something a bit different or are not sure exactly what the youngster your buying for would like. There really is something for everyone, and every budget.

As their mum I obviously know my boys very well :) and could easily choose them something myself without ideas. Saying that I would definitely use Wicked Uncle again to buy presents for their friends birthdays, as its so hard to think of new things to buy for all those parties.

I think the site comes into its own for uncles, grandparents, aunties – anyone who might not have children of their own and needs a little help picking out what a young child would like. Plus with the gift wrapping and hand written card service, the present can be chosen, sent, and all be done and dusted in one website. Fabulous.

 Thanks to Wicked Uncle for asking us to be part of their Toy reviewers programme. 


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