Zapf Creations Rapunzel Disney Princess Doll – Review

In the Easter holidays just gone I decided to take the boys to the cinema, we went one of the kids club £1 showings at the Vue as I was not going to pay for a full price movie as I think it’s exorbitant. Obviously being the kids club you don’t have a choice what’s on, you just see whatever film is showing. For us this day it was Disney’s Tangled. I wasn’t so sure that the boys would be happy with this film at all, but they both wanted to go more for the popcorn I think so didn’t mind.

Well we all absolutely loved the film, even Thomas was crying at the end I think (he’s such a softie sometimes). It’s a lovely story, and most definitely my favourite Disney film of the last few years, Probably one of my top 5 Disney films ever! Anyway imagine my surprise when a few days later the opportunity arose to review one of the new Rapunzel Tangled dolls from Zapf Creations, I was so happy and very pleased to be getting a nice girly toy to review for once.

The first thing you notice when you first see the Rapunzel doll in it’s packaging, is how beautiful she is. This is one seriously gorgeous looking doll. She has Rapunzel’s huge green eyes, her luxurious satin dress and most importantly her luscious seemingly endless locks of blonde hair.

At 29cm she is not small, but she’s the perfect size for carrying around. Her body is soft, and the recommended age is from 1 year, so this is the perfect first proper doll for your little girl, an ideal My first Disney Princess even.

Having no girls in the house to join in the fun with me, I gave Rapunzel to one of my sons friends to play with, to say she was thrilled would be an understatement. All afternoon all I saw her do was brush her hair, over and over again. I don’t think little girls will ever get bored of brushing this dolls hair!

She also loved how soft she was, and said she would make a great bedtime doll, as most of her other dolls were too hard to take to bed with her. Obviously I gave her the doll as I couldn’t part her from her new best friend, reports are she is still very much in love.

As well as Rapunzel from Disney Tangled, there are other Disney Princess dolls in the collection. Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, and now also my favourite Ariel from the little mermaid. All are soft bodied and suitable from a year old.

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