Zinc Nitro Scooter – Review

All this lovely weather has meant we’ve had plenty of time to test out our latest review item – The Zinc Nitro Scooter.

Thomas was literally jumping up and down with excitement when this brand new scooter came for him, and has been putting in the hours testing it out fully.

The Zinc Nitro from Zinc Sports is a foldable scooter, suitable for children over 6 years old.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph than your average scooter, than the Zinc Nitro could be the one you’re looking for.

Ok so it’s not actually turbo powered. However it gives that impression, and that certainly impresses Thomas and his friends just as much as the real thing.

You see the Zinc Nitro’s unique selling point is that it’s a scooter that thinks it’s a car. It has

  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Rear Brake which screeches when activated
  • Acceleration sounds when you twist the handle bars
  • And a dashboard which you can insert a key into, which begins a starting up the engine noise.

Thomas and his friends all love the lights and sound that the Nitro makes. The keys are also a big big hit. Thomas had all his friends at the school breakfast club lined up to have a go of starting up his cool new scooter.

The Nitro folds up really easily and compactly, which is very handy.

It also has adjustable handlebar height, which means that Thomas will hopefully be able to enjoy scooting along for many years to come. Thomas is quite tall, and is going to be 8 in october. At the moment we have the handlebars on the middle setting, so we still have some height to play with in the future.

As the below video will attest, the Zinc Nitro goes very fast. Downhill, especially so :)

After the above incident, Thomas took on his new name of Stunt Devil Thomas and has started scooting around shouting “Im Chuck Norris!” Don’t ask me why, I’m not sure where he picked that up from.

With Thomas seemingly having some sort of death wish I quickly went out and picked up a set of Zinc Protection Pads and a Zinc Sports Bike Helmet.

I know I’m probably being over protective, as you can’t really do that much damage on a scooter, but he’s happy to wear his helmet and pads and it helps me breathe a bit easier.

The helmet is actually very trendy looking, and comes with a set of stickers so you can customise it as you like.

Jacob also wanted to model his Zinc Sports Helmet and pads. Even though he hasn’t graduated up to a big Zinc Scooter yet, he still wanted a cool helmet like his big brother.

Thomas has had such a fun time reviewing the Zinc Nitro Scooter, and even Jacob has his eye on a Nitro upgrade I think.

The Zinc Nitro is a brilliant little scooter. Lightweight and easy to transport, folds right up and the clip that keeps it together actually works well unlike some scooters we’ve had before. The cool lights and sound effects are just the cherry on top.

Five out of Five from us at Toybuzz


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