Zingzillas Live

Me and the boys embarked on an epic adventure yesterday, a day trip on the coach to London.

It was the first time they’d been to London, and was a very long day for them but seeing the Zingzillas made it all worth while.

Sunday marked the first ever concert by the Zingzillas, well obviously apart from their numerous Big Zings on the island and I thought they did a great job.

Sara Cox did a great job of hosting the event, and I also managed to spy lots of other celebs there too which was exciting.

Apart from the main attraction, there was face painting, painting by music, a karaoke tent, and the opportunity to make a Didgeridoo so the kids could all join along with Zak when he sang their “do you Didgeridoo” number.

Other musical guests there included the Swingle Singers who Thomas absolutely loved. They taught the crowd of assembled kiddies how to make drum machines noises with just their voices, my sons been driving me mad being a drum all morning.

Also got a chance to get a glimpse of some of the new Zingzillas toys, although I wasn’t able to have a good play around with them, just a little look.

The Moaning Stones Beach Playset featured heavily around the site, and looks set to be a big hit with preschoolers this Christmas. Combining all the main Zingzillas elements like the Beach Byrds, Moaning Stones, working Coconut clock, and of course the Zingzillas themselves, every Cbeebies fan will be after one of these.

Other toys on show were a Big Zing guitar, Zingzillas Sing along microphone, Banana phone and some soft toys of the band.

We were given a lovely gift bag when we left full of Zingzilla fun for our little monkeys to take away with them. It was filled with balloons, colouring pages, a plastic banana which I think is a pencil case but Thomas and Jacob have been using as a banana phone, a sticker book and a poseable figure of one of the band.

When asked for their favourite band member, Thomas choose Zak and Jacob couldn’t decided between Tang and Drum, but in the end went for Tang.

All of the poseable figures come with a small instrument from them to play, rather than their normal ones. Zak came with a harmonica, and Tang a maraca. The figures stand up easily, and have articulated legs and arms.

Obviously now having the two boys, Thomas wants the two girls Panzee and Drum to complete the band, and also the Big Zing playset so they can all host another concert.

Well it is both of their birthdays soon, and Christmas is coming too so you never know.

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