Zingzillas Album – Review

This Monday October 4th sees the release of the ZingZillas first ever album, and it’ll probably be your little ones first ever record.

Any self-respecting Cbeebies fan will be definitely be putting this CD onto their Christmas list, or if they’re really flash downloading into onto their iPod from the iTunes store.

With 26 songs to listen to and enjoy your unlikely to get bored of the songs for a good while, unless like me your little ones insist on listening to Litter,Litter,Litter over and over again! I think however my favourite song on the album is Playing a solo, I like Tang’s guitar on that one.

I didn’t think that the boys would get so much enjoyment just out of the music without the show, Apart from being a bit of background music for the playroom and a singalong in the car I wasn’t sure fussed they would be.

How wrong could I be!!

They absolutely love listening to the songs, and love it when they recognise which one is coming on or is next.  It also gets them talking about all the things they remember from the songs episode. Thomas enjoys telling me the story behind the song and what happened before the ZingZillas finally performed it in the Big Zing. I think that’s why he loves Litter,Litter,Litter so much, as he loves that episode where everyone keeps emptying the bin over Todd’s garden.

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We were lucky enough to see the ZingZillas this summer at their official launch party in London, and everyone in attendance had a great time. As well as some great performances from the main attraction, we were also treated to some Bhangra Dance Classes which we had to put into practice when the ZingZillas sang their hit Bhangra Beat . I wasn’t sure if all of this had been forgotten about, but as soon as I put on Bhangra Beat when we received the album,  Thomas started showing off all the dance moves he remembered from the show. We all had a lot of fun dancing around the room to that one!

Here’s a little clip of the ZingZillas singing Bhangra Beat from when we went to see them to give you a taster.

If your looking for a nice stocking filler for your pre-schooler this Christmas you can’t go wrong with this great album. Even if they’re not already fan’s of the ZingZillas, once they receive this they soon will be!

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