ZingZillas Play and Groove Panzee – Review

As you probably know by now if you’ve read Toybuzz before we’re all huge fans of the ZingZillas. So as you can imagine we were all really excited for the start of the new series 2 on CBeebies this Monday, and then the kids were doubly excited when this Play and Groove Panzee came through the door for review.

It’s saved Santa a trip ¬†as Panzee was on Jacob’s Christmas list (don’t ask me why he didn’t want the Play and Groove Zak), so now Santas under strict instructions to get the Big Zing Playset instead!

The Play and Groove Panzee looks exactly like the Panzee from the Tv show as you’d expect, even down to her trademark Tambourine.

At first I did think her shoes were smudged and dirty (having two boys this tends to happen quite often, and remarkably quickly) but on closer inspection it’s just some of the inner workings which show through the fabric slightly.

Panzee sings and dances her way through 2 songs, showing off her versatility with a slow one and an up tempo one.

Her slow song is the ballad “Wishes” which I believe is from the new second series as I haven’t heard it before. It’s a very nice song, and it’s not just a short burst you get at least 40 seconds of singing and dancing.

You’ll notice that Panzee sways and dances at a slower speed on the ballad, and then cleverly bops away faster on the more familiar Boogie Woogy Bubbly time. My Boys immediately picked up on this and had a great time having a dance off together trying to copy Panzee dancing to a slow song and then quickly pressing the button again and going mad to the faster one. A simple game but the boys loved it.

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I would most certainly recommend this toy to any other little ZingZillas fans. The Play and Groove Panzee was always bound to be a big hit in our house, and she didn’t disappoint. The only problem now is that the boys won’t stop going on about getting Zak to go with her now!

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